Play-Asia lists Yakuza for PS Vita

Gematsu: "Yakuza is coming to PlayStation Vita, if a Play-Asia listing is anything to go by."

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Fatal Blow3542d ago

This is the game am waiting for. Will be getting it day 1 when it comes out

mephman3542d ago

Here's hoping it actually get a release outside of Japan.

ABizzel13542d ago

They always come out in the US in March after the Japanese release.

Megaman_nerd3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

But Sega's Yakuza Team should be working on Yakuza 5 and not on Yakuza games for Vita dammit! (it could be a port of Yakuza 3 or 4 though)

Don't read if you don't want to:::

Anyway, I'm playing Yakuza 3 right now (my first Yakuza game) and that game is so good that I just can't understand why it has that awful metascore. Like seriously, that first mission when you have to go save Saki was so freaking godlike and that's just the beginning!

If you like JRPG's (or Shenmue) then Yakuza 3 is the best JRPG I have played this gen hands-down, highly recommend. The way they did the random encounters was so smart I wish every JRPG were like that and is not just the gameplay, the story is really really really good too. The way Kazuma interacts with the kids in the orphanage is sooooo cute and touching that you'll bond with all of them real quick. And then when you discover that the Yakuza want to destroy the Orphanage (and the reasons behind it) OMG; Kazuma goes back to Kamurocho and is so exciting! XD

I'm on chapter 9 right now and this game has been one hell of a ride. Its meta is 80/100 (which should be good by all standards) but it has so many awful scores (6/10) that I'd like to know what game those reviewers played seriously, because Yakuza 3 metascore should be closer to 90/100 I tell you!

Fatal Blow3542d ago

Hopefully its not a port i have yakuza 1,2 on my ps2 and 3,4 on my ps3. Yakuza games are awesome its like shenmue

Simon_Brezhnev3542d ago

Actually Yakuza 3 story is the worst in the series. Yakuza 4 story is up there with Yakuza 1 followed by Yakuza 2.

You should play Yakuza 4 after 3 and you will see why i say story wise it gets demolish by Yakuza 4. LOL.

Since i played all of them i feel like i grew up with Haruka.

I swear they better not ever kill off Kiryu in a Yakuza game.

bunfighterii3542d ago

You inspired me to get back into this game. I got it ages ago, with a bunch of other games and started it but never got around to finishing it. It's suh fun though, makes me yearn to go back to Japan!

MasterCornholio3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

I never played a Yakuza game before but I heard many good things about them. Oh I watched a hilarious youtube video where a British guy tried to play pachinko in it and he was freaking out cause he had no idea on how to play the game.


Jolt3542d ago

I think PlayAsia is wrong.

Yakuza and Lost Planet 2(another game recently listed for Vita on Playasia) were, along with MGS4, the demo for the ports PS3->Vita.

But they aren't Vita games.

Goozex3542d ago

And the list keeps getting longer. Sony u r spoiling us!