Media Create software sales (12/26 – 1/1) – Top 50

Media Create has released an expanded listing of the best-selling games from Japan.

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RaidensRising3542d ago

Incredibly hard to read that list. Sort it out chaps.

Half-Mafia3542d ago

Its easier to understand The Matrix code then this.

MasterCornholio3542d ago

The 3DS has good software sales good job Nintendo and Capcom.


rickhunter893542d ago

would you like a cup of tea with that list?

MasterCornholio3542d ago

Yes I would Alfred and don't forget the biscuits.

Come on chop chop I don't have all day.


Razongunz3542d ago

good to see the psv still keeps up holding a few games in the 30s and 1 at 28! gogo psv hehe