EGM says Nintendo damaged the Wii brand, gives the console a 1/10 rating for 2011

EGM, in its latest issue, claims that Nintendo has damaged the Wii brand and explains why. The magazine also gave the console the lowest possible rating of the year with a 1/10.

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Titanz2931d ago

That's really depressing. :(

CraigUK2930d ago

Oh no, because people will care about a 1/10 rating, on a game console, this late in its life cycle.

Guwapo772930d ago

Yeah the people that bought the system care. It should be supported atleast 6mon-1yr into the next system launch.

Guwapo772930d ago

Without a doubt Wii had a horrible year. The only game purchased was Skyward Sword all year long. Even the Panasonic 3DO had more games released in it's final year.

...Atlus and NIS as niche dev's localization budget - if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be playing many of the awesome jrpgs. That author better never speak ill of them again!

Tenkay232930d ago

Sadly I played old games for my wii this year. The only new one I bought was skyward sword and Kirby's return to dreamland. But xenoblade and the other 2 games could see releases before the Wii U so that should be good

pcz2930d ago

wii did have a shit year. The only games worth mentioning were xenoblade and skyward sword.

Yeah, only two games, but those two were amongst the best in this entire generation. So thats a bit of a consolation.

but what about this year? We are supposed to get the last story this year in europe. Where is the release date?