Are core gamers right to complain?

Should core gamers give it up and stop complaining about things or are the complaints justified?

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RaidensRising3551d ago

As consumers once we stop complaining then our souls are lost and the corporations have won.

EVILDEAD3603551d ago

The whole Hardcore/Casual net discussion began shortly after Kinect was revealed at E3.

All of the detractors at the time predicted Kinect would fail at launch because its line-up was too casual. Their argument was the hardcore 360 gamers would not purchase it and that the millions of casual owners who owned a Wii would not buy an Xbox for casual experiences.

They were dead wrong.

Kinect sales broke records, on the strength of both casual and hardcore gaming fans. See the truth is in reality gamers like all kinds of games and are not boxed into this mythical mindset perpetuated on the net.

First of all, just like the other two consoles, there isn’t some massive hardcore’ base rebuking all things casual. Instead you simply have criticism lobbied against Microsoft that applies to ALL consoles this gen.

But, the reality is Microsoft, Kinect is an optional device, and in the last two years ALL of the major core 360 exclusive still have been released. Hardcore gamers are not forced to play Eyepet, Cooking mama, or Kinectimals. They never have been and never will.

But, as long as core franchises like Gears of War 3, Uncharted 3, and Zelda are released then it shouldn’t matter.


bunt-custardly3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

I don't mind the direction, and can understand the push for Kinect; what I don't like though is that it seems Microsoft can not do both, they seem incapable of appealing to both audiences simultaneously. Since Kinect's arrival there's been little talk of new 'hardcore' exclusives, and Ms seem contempt to rest on their laurels and let third parties take charge.

Why o why3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

exactly. For some that's fine but for others its not. You can almost compare it to how Sony can't do both and by that I mean advertise the ef out of its many games AND fund new games and studio upkeep. Somethings gotta give and these guys don't have infinite cash. More balance is what the complainers want. I'm sure nobody wants ms to ditch their kinect support all the way.

MrWiggle3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Of Course...

Core gamers are basicaly gamers. The term "Core" was just made when Nintendo started off the whole casual thing when the Wii came out and made gaming more maintsream and casual.

Core Gamers or gamers in gernal have the right to complain because were the real fans, the ones who have been there from the start. We're the ones who are generally interested in games, we're the ones who would go out and buy a overpriced CE of a game we love and we're the ones who keep up with the gaming industry by signing up to sites like this yeah, we have the right to complain because were being pushed aside for casual gamers who probably wouldn't even give a crap about something like Kinect if they didn't have 500 million of adverstising shoved down their throats. Least with core gamers we like gaming because were actually interested in it, we don't need silly gimmicks and forceful ads to get us interested in gaming.

360 fans should be complaining the most but it seems like they'd rather still stick up for Microsoft after all they've done by going on about sales and profits.....HELLO MS have just screwed you over, don't just sit there and take it, you deserve better...pester them for games or anything you want as a core gamer. Don't just keep going on about sales or multiplatform games because they come off as excuses. If you don't complain...then a company will never learn and will never change, the 720 for example might be developed into a casual friendly console with Kinect in mind all because you didn't want to say that what you really realy want.

Etheir stick up for yourself or jump ship to Sony.

Ravenhoe3551d ago

I disagree. How are some people more or less entitled to their opinion about games/systems than others ? I never buy CE's, I dont follow all the news, yet I am an avid gamer and have been there 'from the start', whatever that means. Does that make me less of a gamer ? I don't see what is wrong with casual gaming. Just like there is nothing wrong with casual films and casual books, there is a time for everything. The history of film/books/music has shown that while the more popular and toned-down games may be the most popular, there will always be a market for deep and innovative games. Look at all the indie-games coming out, the Paradox Interactive games, the revival of the Point & Click Adventure . . . no signs of a declining core gamer base at all in my opinion.

3GenGames3551d ago

You mean the bandwagoners? NO.

The fans of a game since it was first released and have been with the game maker and series since the near beginnings? YES, VERY MUCH SO.

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