Max Payne 3: Don’t let the baldness fool you, Max Payne is still Max Payne

Gamerzpedia: "If Max's strong physique and blue skies are the things that are making you skeptical, don't worry. Max Payne is still the old Max Payne. And this time, Max Payne 3 will expand Max Payne's legacy with realistic look."

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MrWiggle3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Sorry but out of all the pictures shown and even the first teaser trailer it looks nothing like Max Payne. How can you think your playing Max when all you see on your screen is some bald Bruce Willis wannabe. It's harder for you to connect with him.

Even with the first trailer Rockstar didn't make it to calm peoples fears about the game, in fact it made them worse because judging from the very first teaser it just made me think I was watching Die Hard the video game.

Will it be an amazing game....course it will be it's Rockstar BUT it won't be a good Max Payne game.

I just don't understand how if you have a fanbase which is skeptical why didn't they work on the first trailer to adresses peoples concerns. I mean you even had the re used Max Payne 2 theme then it got quickly interupted with cherry dance music and people dancing to it which killed the whole Max Payne vibe.

I've seen no Noire, no unique arty cutscenes and havent seen the Max Payne that I started to like during Max Payne and Max Payne 2.

As I said it will be a good game don't get me wrong but in my opinion it won't be a good Max Payne game and it's sad to see sites trying to make out that Rockstar havent done anything wrong when it's obvious they have. I mean theres nothing wrong with New York especialy how good it would of looked on this gen of consoles. Hell I bet the new york levels where Max Payne looks like Max will just be short flashback type levels.

NYC_Gamer3550d ago

100% agree,to me this is not max payne but just another typical action shooter.

Rampaged Death3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Rockstar don't do things wrong. I'll bet my house that this will be a brilliant game and it will have the grittiness of the last games.

kaveti66163550d ago

"Will it be an amazing game....course it will"

Well, there you go. No reason to complain.

Double-D3550d ago

The thing what people fail to realise when they keep saying something like

"Oh it's Rockstarm everything they've made has been good2

Is that, this isn't Rockstars franchise. Al those great Rockstar games were made from the start by Rockstar. The gameplay, the type of story telling, the games features, cutscenes...everything but this is Max Payne which was made by Remedy.

You can't say it's going to be good because it's a rockstar game because at heart...the game isn't. Rockstars drastic changes could ruin this games image, as you've said it will be a good game and right you are but it's still going to upset many Max Payne fans because they don't seem to respect what Remedy created with Max Payne and Max Payne 2.

Even if there was a problem, hype will consume most people and reviewers then 8-10 months later peoples true feelings about the game will come out...just like GTA4

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Pikajew3550d ago

When ever I see bald Max I think of bald Zach Galifianakis from Hangover 2

gigreen3550d ago

As much as I loved the first two games, I'm glad Rockstar is doing the new one and not Remedy. Everything Rockstar touches turns to gold.

ElliePage3550d ago

They touched GTA4 and that turned into mediocrity and man dates every 15 minutes.

Also, Rockstar Table Tennis.

T3MPL3TON 3550d ago

So many complaints people have over how a God, damn character looks. Just shut the f*ck up!
If you seriously had that big of a hard-on for how he looked pay attention to the damn trailers. CLEARLY it shows Max at varying degrees.
Hell one of the trailers shows him multiple times as he was with hair. That's right, those glorious tufts of hair make a return, careful now don't ruin your man panties.

My God, you 'men' act like women do when they change the actor for a character in a soap opera.

Waa "to me it's not Max just another typical shooter" Waa

Shut up. I bet your ass doesn't say that when you run to the store to buy, Call of Duty.

ElliePage3550d ago

This isn't Max Payne at all. It's a game by Rockstar and they shoehorned in a multiplayer mode that nobody will care about (like they did with GTA4). If anything this should've been a spinoff instead of giving it the title of "Max Payne 3".

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