'Most iPod Owners Don't Buy from iTunes'

Jupiter Research reports that on the average, only around 20 of the tracks on an iPod were bought via iTunes, and the rest are from the free sources (file sharing, CD ripping).

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BlackCountryBob5857d ago

of course people dont buy from iTunes store, Personally I do everything humanly possible to avoid DRM from anyone! I'll continue to buy CD's and rip them because then I know that I will always have a copy just in case, the problem with iTunes and iPod is that I am well aware that at some point in the future I will not use an iPod anymore and I will use some other brand of MP3 player and when this happens i dont wanna find that all my music is unusable and I would need to replace my entire collection!

Fuzz McDeath5856d ago

Apple has sold 1.5 billion music downloads (at a buck ($1 US) a pop - and are the worlds 5th largest legal music retailer - behind WalMart, K-mart, Target, and Amazon...