Xbox Live User Denied Access To His Account Following 30 Day Investigation

Following a 30-day investigation, Microsoft informs an Xbox Live user that he has lost access to his Xbox Live account. Why? Check out the story for the full details!

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jwk943550d ago

AnalogHype is currently down, I will update this post when it is back up.

insomnium23549d ago

Why are these same news constantly popping up? Getting boring...

GribbleGrunger3549d ago

LOLOL... seriously, try being a Sony fan. this is NOTHING

insomnium23549d ago

I am a fan of Sony products. Mainly PS3. Still this is boring.

gamingdroid3549d ago

Just mark them as old or duplicate (if appropriate). Then vote the site.

I also sometimes take a look at the approvals to see if the same offenders tend to pop up approving [email protected]

Kran3549d ago

Funny. Many people didnt say the same about the Sony hacking :/ People found the news quite interesting, if not frightening at the same time.

IAmCornHolio3549d ago ShowReplies(1)
DragonKnight3549d ago

Great work as always from Microsoft. -_-

Hyperbomb693549d ago

arent you glad we dont have to deal with this BS? The biggest problem for us is what game we gotta play first!! *rich guy laugh*

JellyJelly3549d ago

If you're stupid enough to fall for phishing you shouldn't be on the Internet to begin with.

3GenGames3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

I agree with your statement 100%. And if you use Internet Explorer you shouldn't be on the internet either because apparently you have to be spoon-fed stuff. >.>

IAmCornHolio3549d ago

I use ie9x64 because it is the nicest, fastest browser, and the only browser on the market that hasn't been pwned at pwn2own.

It is just bizarro that Silverlight hasn't been released for x64 though.

3GenGames3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

^ That's a joke, though. It's the slowest, doesn't run on computer without a graphics card, still has horrible standards for the webs current and even 5-year old technologies because of unfixed bugs that have been there for years. It is also used by the highest "computard" percentage compared to any browser.

Nicest? Copy Chrome's UI and plug all IE8's tools and add 1% HTML5 compatibility win no bug fixes from IE8 into it with the unneeded crap IE8's (AKA IE6's) menus and that's IE9. It's the WORST of Chrome/Opera/FF/IE in the list. Stop being in denial, it's a POS.

Even Firefox copied Chrome's UI but it did it so much better than IE9 it's not even funny, at least use FF FFS! And people didn't even try to touch Chrome or Firefox at pwn2own, the fact people went to IE first should be a giant red flag that there is vulnerabilities more numerous than any modern browser.

Get out of the stone age, Internet Exploder is still p!$$ poor browser for being released just last year, it's still trying to catch up what Firefox and Chrome have offered since 2010, let alone moving forward in web technologies.

r1sh123549d ago

Im a firefox user and always will be, but IE9x64 is pretty good.
Its the fastest browser Ive seen, the only reason Im still on firefox is I have everything saved and sync'd.
Firefox has been quite bad since 4.0 but if you change the threading and connetions per server etc...It does go back to very quick speeds.

rezzah3549d ago

We are not born into the world with knowledge already stored into our brains.

If someone makes a mistake or believes something that you BELIEVE to be common sense, then you are the fool for looking down on them.

Sometimes we learn the hard way, while others learn from the mistakes of those who suffer.

FunAndGun3549d ago

I totally agree with you.

My problem however is that most people won't or don't take the time to learn about simple things. They will wait until they do learn the hard way instead of taking a few minutes to understand how something works and actively educated themselves.

rezzah3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

looks like I made a typo

"...or believes something OTHER THAN WHAT you believe to be..."


While you are correct, you must also realise that we make the most mistakes when something is new to us.

Also those who are new to a new type of technology (or in general) might be a little overwhelmed. What may be a easy concept for one may be almost impossible for another to understand.

It is hard to pin point what is a easy mistake and what is not as nothing is ever common sense.

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