Episode 89 – “Fatal1ty” [Johnathan Wendel]

THE FIRST OF HIS KIND; Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel is the most accomplished, professional PC Gamer in history and the breakthrough name and face of the sport. As the world’s most famous PC gamer he spreads interest in PC gaming wherever he goes and, in the process, has become the sport’s worldwide ambassador.
Wendel wants PC gaming to be considered a true sport and considers himself an “E-Sportsman”. Like any other professional athlete, he trains for hours a day and analyzes his performances by watching videos of himself in action – all with the goal of being the best in the world. Johnathan will be hangs out with Uriyya, Lovelytodie4 and SoldierX as they bring in the New Year with some news and a snapshot of Johnathan’s gaming career. For more information about Fatal1ty visit his sit at For more information about Uriyya and The Show Radio visit TheShowRadio.Info. Thanks for listening.

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