Skyward Sword Music: Ballad of the Goddess 8-Bit Remix

ZD: One of my favorite things to randomly search for on YouTube is 8-bit remixes of some of my favorite songs or favorite game themes from modern games. I’m not sure what really draws me to it, but I presume that nostalgia is a big part of it. There are some themes from the NES era that will forever be ingrained in my mind, and they are some of the best pieces of game music I’ve ever heard of. Sure Skyward Sword was a big step in the direction of orchestrated music, but to me, the classic 8-bit stuff is just as good in its own way. YouTuber dannwe123 has recently put together an 8-Bit Remix of the Ballad of the Goddess from Skyward Sword and you can listen to it after the jump.

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Instigator3551d ago

Aah, 8-bit kicks some serious orchestrated ass.