Final Fantasy XIII-2 Pre-order Bonus Round Up

See who's offering the best pre-order bonus for Final Fantasy XIII-2 from the big online retailers.

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BiggCMan3549d ago

I'd say Newegg has the best deal with 47.99 pre order price. But can someone tell me what this Omega Boss Battle thing is that Amazon is giving? So is this saying that if I don't get it from Amazon, then I miss out on a boss battle??

Capt-FuzzyPants3549d ago

Omega is DLC in the game. So you can still buy it.

iamtehpwn3549d ago

The Omega DLC right now is free in Japan, so presumably Amazon has it a timed exclusive, then it will be free for everyone.

TopDudeMan3549d ago

I'm gonna play it safe and try the demo. Not gonna pre-order it.

BigDollarZoe9543549d ago

some nice deals cant wait to try out the demo then the game at the end of the month