Should Microsoft give up the ghost with Japan?

From "As Xbox 360 owners, we all know the power of 360 over the hopelessly week PS2, but 1k vs 20k units sold tells me the Japanese market clearly doesn't like Microsoft."

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Dusk5852d ago (Edited 5852d ago )

This a pretty weak attempt at bashing the 360, PS3 Fan. It's old news. Everyone knows the Japanese market is very nationalistic and rarely buys foreign products, the Ipod being the one notable exception. Also, everyone knows the Japanese market is the smallest of the big three. If Microsoft is more successful in the NA and European market, then the 360 can still be more successful than the PS3.

What I would be more concerned about, if I was you PS3 Fan, is that Sony is falling out of favor in Japan recently as it switches its support to Nintendo. Look at DS sales compared to PSP sales overall in Japan. The PSP is getting stomped. Also, there have been several polls in Japanese gaming mags about which console are you most interested in. Nintendo crushed both the PS3 and 360 in all polls. So if MS has NA, Europe, Australia, etc. and Nintendo has Japan, what's poor Sony gonna have?

kmis875852d ago

What are you talking about? The Japanese have a very weird obsession with American culture, they wear clothes with American brands on them, many English words are used as fads in the country because they sound exotic over there, and one of the best selling ds games is English Training. Blaming poor sales on racism is a bad excuse. The xbox never caught on in Japan because it tried to challenge two well entrenched companies and failed to enlist large numbers of local developers, so I guess the Japanese have the right to be skeptical of the 360. Also, the PSP sales numbers don't indicate anything about the ps3. Nintendo has had the dominant handheld since the late 80's and in those almost 20 years, no other handheld has been as successful as the psp. Furthermore, the handheld market is completely different than the console market, so that comparison is indicative of nothing. Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon will probably help the 360 sell more, but I still think that Sony and Nintendo will dominate the market.

Marty83705852d ago

Sony & Nintendo will aways be big in Japan.What your saying will never happen,Japan will be a 60/40 split in Sony's favour.

Dusk5852d ago

I wouldn't be so sure, paunchy. According to actual reports and not just someone's fanboy mantra, the tide in Japan seems to be switching to the Nintendo camp. We'll see, but with Nintendo's lower price point, availablity, and recent success of the DS over PSP, compared to Sony's ridiculusly high price point, lack of availability, and recent stomping by Nintendo, things could easily change. Also, if you bother to do a little research, you'd see that Japanese gamers seem to be more interested in the Wii than the PS3. In addition, Lost Odyssey may actually sell a few 360s in Japan, not enough to make Microsoft a force there, but just enough to keep the 360 hanging around. Like I said, we'll see, but if I were you, I'd do a little more research on Nintendo in Japan than Microsoft in Japan. That is, if you are as concerned about your holy grail of consoles as you seem to be.

headblackman5852d ago

why are the asians so persistant with this whole hardware racism, :/ it sounds like they are waiting on the ps3, but not because it's the better system, because we are all hearing now that it's not and that the xbox360 and ps3 will be on the same page as far as hardware and performance goes. so if you ask me or hell, if you just pay attention to whats going on here, it's quite clear they are boycotting our american products in order to keep money in asia. now what if we as americans did the samething. boycott the ps3 and keep american money in america, im sure they wouldnt like that but what that would do is make the ps3 fall short on funds because america is the big market. and if they fall short on funds then the game developers fall off of the ps3 band wagon, wich in turn makes then go to the system thats most beneficial to develope for wich is and still will be the xbox360 (they ared doing that now anyway but they will do it alot more) so american, get smart, buy an american xbox360 and keep your money here in america. the ps3 is inferrior to the xbox360 in alot of ways so i think that just like the asians we should stop buying inferrior products :)

kmis875852d ago

I wish people like you weren't from my country.

Marty83705852d ago

Keep it US,lol.Yet it's Made In Taiwan.

bung tickler5852d ago

its a us company, ps3 will also be made in china since they pay thier workers $1 a day. its cheaper to make stuff there. it may not be right but that still doesnt change the fact that the ppl making the big $ are based in the us and japan.

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