PS Vita, Y U look so good?

Stunning images of PlayStation Vita.

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blaaah2932d ago ShowReplies(1)
FACTUAL evidence2931d ago

I would support this, but I think sony should focus more on the ps3 if they aren't planing on making ps4 til around 2014......ps3 still needs TOO much work. It's a shame that we're in the golden age of social networking, and ps3 lacks that.....I'm going to be so disgusted that sony plans on having a 10 year life span on the ps3, and it hasn't gotten great features.

It will be disgusting to see the ps3 not have at least voice messaging by 2014......vita is only doing well because it's a new release.....I can tell the support of it is going to be just as great on psn as the psp was.............Hope the don't make PSV

Fatal Blow2931d ago

Damn his ps vita has so much dust on it. Should have cleaned it before taking pictures lol

Kran2931d ago

I suppose you could look the other way:

Maybe he was trying to prove that it still looks awesome even with all that dust ;P Perhaps anyway...

tarbis2931d ago

Yeah, he should take care of it even if it's just a loan.

Kran2931d ago

Yeah.... do you know how long it might take to import such a massive game onto a device like this? By then, the next ES might be out.

Kran2931d ago

Wow. People didnt like my comment... for some reason :/ Twas just sayin...

miyamoto2931d ago

Dude there are peeps here who dedicate their lives into trolling on anything PlayStation.

pythonxz2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Ignore this.

MasterCornholio2931d ago

Looks extremely nice and I like the fact that it has a big OLED screen.


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