Oblivion to be PlayStation 3 launch title?'s RadiOPM recently announced that a new PlayStation 3 launch title would be revealed in the November issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine (OPM), however, it seems that the secret may have been leaked on another 1UP podcast service, 1UP Yours.

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calderra5855d ago

He just said "Oblivion, which is apparently a launch title" in the midst of a bunch of other rumors (and see my other comment- lots of false rumors).

He's probably talking about all the internet rumor that Oblivion will be a launch title- which is what he's in the middle of (lots of internet rumors), instead of letting the announcement slip.

So I don't think this comment was even ABOUT the reality of whether or not it's a launch title- it's just covering rumors.

Hayabusa 1175855d ago

Yeah! So now PS3 fans will be begin praising the game they've been bashing for ages. Get ready for jerky frame rates, slow loading times, and rubbish combat!

Anyway, I'll wait for the official announcement before I bleive amything from 1-up.

zypher5855d ago

its ironic you say that. i've recently gotten rid of my 360 copy. but when i had it i noticed the same problems you claim will be in the PS3 version. many proclaim it to be the best 360 game so far, and i believe thats an overstatement thats rendering another 360 classic under its deserved radar...GRAW.

i, like you, will wait for an official announcement of Oblivion going PS3 as well. while Oblivion going to the PS3 wouldn't necessarily be good or bad news to me, it WOULD at least be some good news need for the PS3 itself.

malachi235855d ago

They said they had no plans to launch a ps3 version when the first rumour appeared on the net.
If this is true then these games companies are treating the public like idiots again.

achira5855d ago

you need so much time to notice this ?

achira5855d ago

this game is crap and boring. ok at first its a very nice game but then it becomes total boring.

Captain Tuttle5855d ago

You shouldn't bad mouth this game. The PS3 needs all the help it can get.

achira5855d ago

yes i know, its nice that it comes to the ps3 but the game is boring after you played it 50 hours. hopefully they improve this game, then i would buy it again, lol

Donkey Slayer5855d ago

"Get ready for jerky frame rates, slow loading times, and rubbish combat! "

well with the etra time I hope they could eliminate some all those issues that plagued the 360 version. Either way I'm not buying again. I fell for the hype once already.

frostbite065855d ago

Unlikely, since they couldve patched (better that is) the 360 version.