Namco on the future “Tales of” localizations following Abyss and Graces F

Namco Bandai Games’ Rich Bantegui responds to a question about how the possible successes Tales of the Abyss and Tales of Graces F will impact future “Tales of” localizations.

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LackTrue4K3545d ago

cant wait to see the ads for this game!!!!

Snookies123545d ago

Please... Just release Xillia over here! I haven't played the Tales games, but that one just looks so dang good! Don't keep such a great RPG away from us over here who desperately want to experience it!

Redempteur3545d ago

Don't over Hype Tales of xillia ...
it's a pretty fun game . it's a good game even ..

but in terms of battle system graces F is one of the best Tales of ever made.

So for now , just take Graces F and worry about the rest later .

Snookies123545d ago

I have tried Graces F, in fact it was the only Tales game I played a demo of, but it really didn't strike me as being all too great. Xillia just looked so much better. o_o

Redempteur3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Well i'm sorry but i have finished both and i have pretty much finished all tales of games except tales of tempest.

Graces F is the pinacle of the Team destiny battle system design .. it's designed for combos , for experimentation . it's extremly fast and rewarding .. The attacks are over the top and they do help to feel like a badass ..

The title system attached also give you a pretty much endless way to experiment and to xp.

Now that said you've probably played the Graces F jap demo.. and probably never played xillia since there is no demo.
Let me tell you ... Xillia is NOTHING like the previous team symphonia games ( symphonia , abyss , vesperia )'s an entire different beast too. Pacing,storytelling,battles experimentations,exploration.I t's nothing like before.
I'll admit that xillia graphics are supérior ... far above the other tales of games but i do HOPE you're playing those rpgs for something more than graphics.

Xillia is a very good attempt to make the team symphonia games serie evolve in another direction ..( partner system , changing allies during battle ) but with Graces F the team destiny is at the top of their game already ..

Xillia is currently not without problems ( mainly the act 3 & 4 that feel rushed ) and the fact that xillia is NOT multiplayer friendly. You'd better wait for a director cut version ( if you don't speak japanese , otherwise just go and import )..and/or enjoy Graces F for now. As it is already the improved and correct version of a great game.

Now you can have your opinion ( with only a demo of 1 game ) or you can listen to mine and get Graces F since i've played both ..your choice...

Megaman_nerd3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

I played the Wii version of Graces and the PS3 demo and that game wasn't that good. The first Tales of Symphona and Abyss were a million times better.

NewMonday3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )


may best Tales is Vesperia, i loved it for:

-quick battle transition
-stacking multiple encounters into one fight
-great rhythm in fights, getting criticals makes them fast paced.
-good cast, mature confident hero.
-great music
-beautiful art and environment design.

how do Graces F and Xillia compare?

and did you play Innocence R? how is it comparable to other Tales games?

Redempteur3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Do you love to do combos , do you love fast paced battles ? Because there is 2 Tales that are just above the rest : Tales of destiny Remake director cut and tales of graces F.

-Graces & Xillia both have quick battle transitions

-stacking multiple encounters into one fight.
Xillia does that so much that your PS3 might have slowdowns ( too many things on the fields silly me to stack 22 ennemies ..and half of them start casting spells ( good times ). you'll probably enjoy the xillia colliseum rules ( with ring out rules ).

-great rhythm in fights, getting criticals makes them fast paced.
Graces is faster while xillia is fast too no worries.Criticals are gone in both games and replaced by new systems.

-good cast, mature confident hero.
Xillia is better on that aspect ( milla is just incredible in maturity )in the first act and then Jude take the relay's for some long fans the best tandem of leads ever ..
Graces cast is more cliché.. but you'll have some good laughs quite often ( assuming the ambiant isn't destroyed by a bad voice cast in Us version)

-great music
NO worries

-beautiful art and environment design.
Xillia is ...better than graces of that aspect no doubt.

I didn't play innocence R ( no vita Yet .. but this will be corrected soon ) .i've played innocence DS ( Innoncence is a good yet flawed game that wasn't complete. i'm hoping the R version will improve the pacing and make the battle system faster )

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Optical_Matrix3545d ago

I did my bit and bought Tales of the Abyss 3D as soon as it released here in the UK. Will do the same for Graces F. In fact, I did the same for Tales of Eternia which was released for PSP over here in 2006. Not many people remember the localisation because it only came out in Europe, and surprisingly, Ubisoft was the publisher.

tiffac0083545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Come on Bamco don't hold out on your fans, you know your Tales series sells in the west and if your not up to it then have someone else localize the game for you.

Bring Xillia, Innocence R and Patty the Pirate (ToV PS3 ver) over!

Son_Lee3545d ago

Buying Graces F day one. Praying Xillia makes it over! That one looks even better!

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