In defense of Xenogears

When it comes to grandiose adventures, there are few games like Xenogears. Few games' stories are as stirring, as twisty, as poignant. Few games' characters are as bizarre and entrancing.

RedDead4577d ago

I disagree, the second disk wasn't a good thing. The game ***ing rocks, the first disk alone was like a full game, just the story wasn't finished. The second disk finished up the story. I dunno how it makes me feel, it is definitely one of the best games I have ever played though, the story is so...anyone who plays it knows what i'm on about with the story

NewMonday4577d ago

the second disk was obviously rushed, it would have been the longest deepest single player story in a game if they completed it in the same pace as the first disk.

Son_Lee4577d ago

I LOVE RPGs, but I could not get into this game. The plot is too complex for its own good, the interface is wonky, and it just draaaaaaags. I only made it through 14 hours before I lost interest in everything. It's just not very good.

Hicken4577d ago

In your opinion, you mean.

I have yet to beat this game- I tend to get discouraged after my save data corrupts- but after more than 30 hours of play, I've enjoyed it quite fully. It may not be in my top five- though it's connected in many ways to Xenosaga, which IS in my top five; additionally, I've played a lot of games- but it's still an enjoyable RPG.

I don't think the game needs defending, honestly. It's a better experience, to me, than FFVII is; for some reason, people now seem to think a game should be made for every single person who could ever play it. Xenogears does what it does very, very well, and there's no need to defend or justify that.

Inception4577d ago

I luv Xenogears. A masterpiece from Squaresoft that deserved more recognition and also sells. Too bad, that i will never see another masterpiece like this anymore from Square-Enix T_T


Please Square Enix, Bring Back Xenogears

Square Enix's interest in reviving its classics is the long-awaited ray of hope and the ideal chance to resurrect adored gems like Xenogears.

CrimsonWing69338d ago

Seriously, I mean if anything an HD Remaster. I wish they had the balls to allow the entire story to be made, but I get the financial gamble won't all for it.

Terry_B338d ago

Is it even up to Square Enix?

ZeekQuattro338d ago

Xenogears is Square. Maybe you're thinking of Xenosaga which is Namco.

Tacoboto337d ago

Possibly Xenoblade, which is Nintendo.

... Also my phone wants to autocorrect to a "XenoVerse", is that another Xenofranchise?

InsaneChronos337d ago

Please don't. I will not survive another "Chrono Cross Remaster".

on_line_forever337d ago

Bring back vagrant story & parasite eve

mrcatastropheAF337d ago

Agree but do Parasite Eve first lol

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Square Enix Classics We’d Love to See Remastered

Square Enix suggested they might remaster more games from their storied archives—here are the classics we’d like to see get a new coat of paint.

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raWfodog369d ago

I would definitely enjoy a Xenogears remaster. Recently finished Legend of Dragoon again (this time with platinum trophy) and would love to dive back into Xenogears with Fei and the rest of the crew.

closed_account368d ago

Came here to say Xenogears as well. Great taste, raWfodog!

notachance368d ago

It needs more than a remaster though, I hope they can turn disc 2 into a full game..

Kneetos367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

I wonder how they would even handle a xenogears remaster

Would they give it to monolith soft (the original developers) to handle, and more then likely make it a Nintendo exclusive, cue the endless bitching from Sony fans...

Or will they do it themselves, thus not finishing the original story as intended

raWfodog367d ago

"... and more then likely make it a Nintendo exclusive"

I would think it'd eventually hit all the platforms much like the Front Mission 1st Remake. That way no one would be 'bitching' regardless of your platform preference lol.

Miraak82 367d ago

They don't need the original people , they already have the foundation of characters ,world and lore to work off of.
Honestly it's not that big of a game if you really examine it by modern standards , it's how they present everything that makes it seem so grand especially with how epic the story/music is . SE have good writers that could incorporate post release lore of perfect works and such if they ever remade it from the ground up.

gold_drake368d ago


scares me everytime i play it haha

Godmars290368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

Maybe this time around it could be good/playable?

Becuzisaid367d ago

Lol! What a game. Had a lot of fun with it. Beat it multiple times!

Marcello368d ago

Square Enix classics? dont they mean Squaresoft. Square Enix dont make classic games, just games with pretty graphics, no heart & soul, boring & over stuffed with woke Gen Z cockiness.

But while were on the subject i would love too see a remaster of Front Mission 3.