The state of Android gaming

Thunderbolt: "While the iPhone has become just as legitimate a gaming device as Nintendo’s and Sony’s portables, Android still struggles to find its place. There are a few major reasons why Android is still lacking."

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AtomicGerbil3551d ago

Oo! Now Android's getting a kicking, where does it end?

There's only Microsoft and Apple left, now which one is going to turn out to be in the pockets of the media?

fluffydelusions3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

"Android struggles to find its place" lol what??? Android has the most marketshare of any mobile os and it continually goes up while others get smalller.

AtomicGerbil3551d ago

Exactly, I'd totally agree with the title (not the contents of the article) if it was directed at Symbian, but Android, really?

I could only read half the article, it was just too cringe worthy.

zeal0us3551d ago

Gaming wise I think android will be behind iOS/apple because there is no hardware minimum and too many versions of android. I like that android has more choices when it comes to picking a device but I dislike the fact only a few phones can run med to high-end games. I got a LG ally personally its great for running low end emulators (snes,gbc&a,sega) and low-end games but everything else not so much.

gamingdroid3551d ago

What you are describing is called fragmentation and is a real problem that will continue to exacerbate. Do you notice a lot of freezing issues or bugs in apps that doesn't affect others?

From a user perspective, iOS device is by far much more user friendly than Android devices. From a consumer standpoint though, I can see to some degree Android being better.

Pixel_Enemy3551d ago

I am typing on the asus transformer prime as we speak. The video i posted shows its gaming ability is much better than anything on iOS.

One of my favorite things to do with this tabet is to play Zelda ocarina of time with a high res texture pack on my hdtv in 1080p and a bluetooth ps3 controller. My ipad 2 is jealous of this android beast!

Pixel_Enemy3551d ago

Random disagree?

Many of the iOS video games are also on the android market like angry birds and cut the rope for example. Almost every game that I have on my iPad 2 is also on my Transformer Prime.

What set's the Prime above the iPad is the ability to play emulators and roms like SNES, Genesis, N64 and PSone. Not only that but the fact that I can tether a PS3 controller wirelessly with bluetooth or plug it in with the full size USB port on the keyboard dock.

If you disagree I would love for you to explain why so that I can see where you are coming from. I am all for having a real conversation about these devices and not just random fanboy disagrees.

DA_SHREDDER3551d ago

Ice cream Sandwhich n e one?

Pixel_Enemy3551d ago

My Transformer Prime will have ICS next week! Can't wait!

Dannehkins3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Don't get me wrong, Android's fragmentation really doesn't help developers who are trying to ensure that their games run smoothly on most phones. Also, developing for iOS is pretty developer friendly. There's not much work to be done to ensure that your application is compatible across all iOS devices. Thus all in all, you get a very nice user experience on iOS. Fruit Ninja is a good example of a good experience on iOS, which I am afraid didn't transfer well over to Android.

However, I don't think the state of Android is that dire. In the Android 10p sale, I got some absolutely fantastic games, which were high quality. I hadn't purchased anything from the Android store until that sale and now I would be more inclined to. Jelly Defence for instance is a high quality game that I am enjoying. For reference state, I am running these on a Galaxy S2.

Hopefully Ice Cream Sandwich does what it is suppose to do and pulls together Android and reduces the fragmentation. I predict that you'll find much more high quality applications and games arriving on Android in 2012 as the big manufactures start pushing out their Ice Cream Sandwich devices and the uptake increases.

Yodagamer3551d ago

i think android gaming would do alot better if more phone adopted the playstation certified program (or something similar) because it would be a good store and would give some guarantees that the phone will run the apps they sell

kneon3551d ago

iPhone didn't do it first

There were thousands of Symbian and Java ME games long before the iPhone came along. Many of those have since been ported to iPhone and Android.

The main problem with Android with regards to gaming is the same as the problem that affected Java ME, too much diversity and fragmentation. If you want to make money you need to target the lowest common denominator which means not making the best use of the device.

_Aarix_3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Yes symbian was like the pioneers but apple discovered a market and extended to the heavy millions with the infamous app store.

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