Game Chronicles - Trine 2 Review

Game Chronicles - It’s a bit ironic, especially in a year with so many great video games, that I may have just stumbled upon one of my favorites with just over a week left in the year. Trine 2 came out of nowhere and took me totally by surprise with its charming storybook delivery and stunning, rich, vibrant, gorgeous, amazing, (excuse me while I consult my thesaurus…) , dazzling, astounding, elegant graphics. And it probably didn’t hurt that Trine 2 also offers some of the most satisfying platform-puzzle gameplay that mixes the best parts of Lost Vikings (look it up) and Portal 2.

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RedSky3542d ago

I think he's overstating the gameplay which isn't as inventive as say, Braid but the production values and effort put into the environments especially for a budget game are truly stupendous.