Game Chronicles - Corpse Party Review

Game Chronicles - The year is slowly coming to a close and we’re all wrapped up in our favorite holiday releases by now though there is still time for a few good releases to come out this year. Team GrisGris brings a bloody good show to the PlayStation Portable with their updated re-release of the Japanese horror adventure, Corpse Party. While this frightening tale is a bit outside of the month of spooks, it doesn’t skimp on thrills as you set out to keep your wits about you as you travel through the foreboding halls of Heavenly Host Elementary School.

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rezzah3542d ago

Really want to play this game. I'll get to when I get my Vita.

LiViNgLeGaCY3542d ago

So what kind of game is this exactly? Is it an RPG? Point and click adventure...? Looks intriguing anyway.

rezzah3542d ago

From what i've seen, it is basically a Japanese novel type game. Meaning gameplay focuses on talking with a "maze style" direction based on personal choice of replies.

Which also means that your choices can get you killed now, later, or potentially save you from the ghosts/ possessed beings.

But not only is the story amazing (trapped in a old haunted school where children were brutally murdered), but each and every death is shown in its detailed graphic still image.

This will be the first novel like game that I will ever play, and I doubt that it will disappoint.

Hoped that helped and if not then check out some youtube vids.

Inception3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

To put it simply, it's a visual novel but with element of dungeon explorer. You can control some of the characters through the haunted school. Search for a key to unlock some door or finished some puzzle to understand what the hell is going on with the haunted school.

And this game have a lot of endings. One big point that i think western gamers will like it.

Imho, as a PSP users i'll reccomend this tittle not because it cheap ($19.99). But also had great story and a lot of replay value.

rezzah beat me to it :D

LiViNgLeGaCY3542d ago

Hah, thanks for the reply guys. :) And yeah, I always forget that I can just watch some youtube vids. xD

frjoethesecond3542d ago

The immersion will be lost doing that. Plus they need money to continue doing these games.

LiViNgLeGaCY3542d ago

No problem there. Watching a youtube video of a game I was interested in NEVER stopped me from purchasing it. Unless I absolutely, positively hated what I saw.

rezzah3542d ago

By youtube vids, I meant for you to get a taste of what the game is about.

What frjoethesecond said is exactly what will happen if you watch the entire game on youtube.

rataranian3542d ago

They should re release this as a physical copy.