Games Radar: The Top 7... Games you don't want this holiday

Christmas is the sad time of year when well-meaning relatives and friends waste their money on gifts you pretend to like. Sweaters you'll never wear, candles you'll never light, and gift cards for stores you rarely visit are just some of the typical offenders that scream "I don't know you, but I had to get you something!"

But the worst presents for gamers are awful games, because you know the gift giver's hands were inches away from a title you actually would've wanted to play. Instead, they unwittingly gave you a chore that'll take you to the mall to return or sell the offending piece of software. What's worse than a lump of coal this year? Any of these Top 7… Games you don't want this holiday.

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ASSASSYN 36o4977d ago

Wow! She is stupid...I would hit it still.

solar4977d ago

lmao! amen. you dont kick that outta bed, and you dont talk to that for longer than "hey, get in bed".

Skerj4977d ago

LMAO I said "I'd hit it still" too as soon as I saw the pic.

ps3FTW4977d ago (Edited 4977d ago )

Why is call of duty 4 there?

Edit: never mind.

ruibing4977d ago (Edited 4977d ago )

It seems unfair to compare CoD 4 with AA. Didn't America's Army use to (and may very well still) be a free game on the PC? Why are they expecting to sell it for full price on the 360?

Foliage4977d ago

Because most free things cost money on the 360.

jackdoe4977d ago

This list is so true. They forgot to include SoF 3.