David Jaffe Suggests You Rent Twisted Metal

Despite having “the biggest and most varied” single player campaign of any of its predecessors, the focus of the new Twisted Metal installment is mainly about the multiplayer.

This is why the game’s creator suggest that those who are interested in the game just for the single player offering may want to rent it first.

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Prcko2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

hmmm,why does jaffe saying that?
i think this gonna hurt sales,i still don't know what budget they have,but cmon you need money :)

Yeah,but i think he shouldn't speak on this way,if he wanna continue to work on DLC,and maybe TM 2 he needs to say buy game day one right?
with this he's doing self destruct(but maybe this game doesn't have some big budget so they will break even with 1st month or so)

PirateThom2932d ago

Jaffe, for all his faults, doesn't tow the company line. Sure, he'd prefer if people bought it, but he also doesn't want "single player" gamers to feel they've wasted their money.

limewax2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Agreed, Jaffe seems to actually take the extremely uncommon business approach. Where he puts customer satisfaction and communication above general marketing in his personal time, and relies on that generating a sale, rather than forcing it down said persons throat.

Obviously he does market his games, but in his personal time he seems to use this approach instead.

Black-Helghast2932d ago

Did he say..Rent the game? HUMBLE DEVELOPERS STILL EXIST!?

DasBunker2932d ago

humble developers are so rare when they speak as gamers people think they are lunatics

2932d ago
2932d ago
guitarded772932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Why are you screaming... and why are you misusing the word "than"... and why do you have one comment in two posts?

Anyway, you gotta give Jaffe props... it takes a big pair to say rent the game when Sony has so much money invested in it. Jaffe is awesome.

LeShin2931d ago


Lol COD says "Hi" and laughs! I'm still going to buy this for single player mainly as it looks really good, I always liked the Twisted Metal Series and I have faith in Jaffe. Besides, how many car combat games are there to buy in this generation?

I don't play much multiplayer these days as simply put: the more time I'm playing the same game, the less time I get to play new games that come out..which there is a ton! I will play Twisted Metals multiplayer a little though.

antz11042931d ago

He realizes everyone loves it based on a single player experience and gives fair warning to try it first....

How can you not love this guy?

PirateThom2931d ago


Would you rather he lied like a lot of developers do?

killcycle2931d ago

He's a cool dude. Should rent it unless it's not your thing and you regret it. It will have a selective fanbase, not a game everyone will like.

I know I'm buying it day 1, have already put the money aside for it.

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GraveLord2932d ago

Pretty sure developers still get some money from rentals. Those rental companies have to buy these copies new.....

Majors2932d ago

Yeah and Im sure they pay a lot more aswell than the rrp we pay. I remember a few years ago a staff member told me they had to pay in excess of £60 for a dvd film, which we could purchase for under £10 elsewhere.

Disccordia2932d ago

Yes Majors that is true for "rental copy" films. Not sure if games are different though as they are just retail versions I think probably not.

ReservoirDog3162932d ago

Yeah they probably make about $500 off every disc bought by a rental company. I know dvds cost about $120 per for Netflix or blockbuster to buy.

But still, odd to see a developer say this. Course Jaffe's never been normal.

LettingGo2932d ago

My local Family Video buys games new from Walmart, GameStop, etc.

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Blaine2932d ago

I think it's a ploy! He said rent it "first". As in: "if you're on the fence about TM, rent it... then you'll want to buy it!" Potentially increasing sales by saying that.

RedDead2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

What I thought reading title but eh...his statement is pretty clear. "Getting for single player? Rent it."

AlienLion2931d ago

Ppl would do it anyway, without him telling them to

fluffydelusions2932d ago

Sorry to disappoint but I will just buy it...sorry Jaffe :)

OpenGL2932d ago

Plus the game is published by Sony so you'll need the online pass to access the full game anyway.

BiggsnWedge2932d ago

You know I wonder if thats what Jaffe means.. wonder what his take on the online passes are and all the crap that EA, Ubisoft and what not does similar to that

MsclMexican2932d ago

I refuse...

First day buy

FACTUAL evidence2932d ago

Love the honesty, but he just shot his self in the shark tank.....A lot of people can/will take this the wrong way. Especially game reviewers. Trust me they're all over this comment now....I just pray togod he has more than 8 available characters to choose from in the story mode.

Septic2931d ago

Super respect to Jaffe. This is a day one purchase for me anyway.

Muffins12232931d ago

maybe hes one of the few honest developers and only wants people that like hes game to buy and not just take your money?

gatormatt802931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

Exactly!! He has never been one of those corporate guys that just wants your money. He's a gamer just like all of us.

Trebius2931d ago

By saying rent the game, hes saying to those people who arent interested to TRY it, because theyll most likely like it. Its a game that probably comes off as Racing, or as a "not for me" title ... but if you rent it for a fwe bucks, you might see that you really like it and end up buying it.

It makes perfect sense...its nothing about being humble, its more like....TRY the game! Youll love it!

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Hufandpuf2932d ago

Rents usually lead to buy.

StraightPath2932d ago

I been renting for a longtime ( lovefilm ) and no doesnt lead to buy...i play all new games for a fraction of the price it would be if i brought all of 2011 games..

Only game i brought was Skyrim rest rented.

Normally you finish them and send them back i.e Uncharted 3. After you finished there is not much to do so move onto the next new game.

strickers2931d ago

You are just what gaming needs.Another of the "all about me",sense of entitlement generation?
Why don't you try supporting your hobby?
Uncharted 3 has multiplayer and co op but I suppose you need friends for that.

SAE2931d ago

i agree with you , but uncharted 3 have a good online , it's really fun to play , it feels something new ..

even skyrim story is short , completed it in less then 20 hours , i had a deal to exchange it with another uncharted 3 and get more money , so i played skyrim then got my money back with 15$ , i couldn't resist XD , it's better then playing the side missions to me , i wish if i can rent in my country...

kwicksandz2932d ago

Yup games are short and disposable and most have MP modes dead in 2 weeks. Renting FTW. Uncharted is a perfect rental example

BiggsnWedge2932d ago

agreed. Uncharted series is like a great movie you rent once and be like at the end.. "well that was great" lol

strickers2931d ago

You are sickening people.
Selfish buggers.

GamingTruth2932d ago

thats a humble developer to say such a thing especially with a series with the type of acclaim this one has gained through the years

Grimhammer002932d ago

Plus not enough rental companies left to really hinder sales. True that some rentals turn into purchases. But, by and large no.

Blaine2932d ago

I think he's just confident in his product, that a rental will lead to a purchase. From what I've seen of the game, I would be confident too if I was him.

BitbyDeath2932d ago

I'll be buying this one for sure.