10 New Year’s Gaming Resolutions [NoSleepGamer]

NoSleepGamer: Don’t worry about the apocalypse, it’s right at the end of the year. But just in case it’s real, here are some healthy steps to enjoying gaming to its maximum potential.

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gillri3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Rage was a longer game? I did everything in 16 hours, where as Batman : AC took me about 35 hours to do everything that he thinks is a shorter game

some good point there though, particularly about not playing certain genres, for example I dont play

Racing games (used to but for past few years)
Fighting games (ditto)
RTS's (never have, take up too much time)
MMOs's (ditto)
Sports games (used to play the odd football game , not anymore)
Platfomers (used to, but not anymore)