Metroid Other M Finally Sells Over One Million

According to VGCharts Nintendo’s reasonably controversial Metroid: Other M has finally sold over a million units. The game originally launched seventeen months ago to fairly mixed reviews from the gaming press. Clearly the number of retail outlets offering the Other M at sale price during the Christmas season helped boost sales of the game.

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jacksonmichael2571d ago

Wow... And it has been 30 dollars for how long now...?

blaaah2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

Lol, in some places its even $6.99... I ordered it day-before-yesterday for $19.99...

My point?

I graced the game with a million sales :P

Venox20082571d ago

great game, deserves more sales

aviator1892570d ago

It was a good game, but it strayed from the original games too much.

Zechs342570d ago

Metroid is the whore of gaming. Lol. How many studios have had her?

J.k. I thoroughly enjoyed the game.

Kos-Mos2570d ago Show
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