GTA V: Why does everyone resemble one another? takes a look at the various people shown in the GTA V trailer and asks why many of them look alike.

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omi25p3550d ago

I never noticed that before.

Also This article is translated sooo poorly

NukaCola3550d ago

It's hard to read this.

Johandevries3549d ago

Jesus Christ, which fool approves this? Look at the title

Hanif-8763549d ago

Its like saying all black people look alike at that last image being that the only thing that those people have in common is them both being black. I don't think that this should of been approved being that none of them look alike. However, some of them do resemble but only the comparison with the guy holding the golf racket and i still see differences with his facial features to whom he is being compared to.

Muffins12233549d ago

Okay first of all the two black people have exact same features and exact same glasses just different color and have exact same haircut

Hanif-8763549d ago

@ Muffins i won't argue with you because the differences between them aren't subtle differences at at. Also, being that this article is garbage where it stands, i have absolutely nothing else to say. However, i will say keep up the good work Rockstar because personally i think GTA V is turning out to be game of the decade.

milohighclub3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Pretty sure he has the same t-shirt on 2....ever thought maybe they are main characters.

Edit: where on about different people :( I was on about the guy above...peace.

Oldman1003549d ago

This is a mistake, if Rockstar is the first video he escaped from Coke?

Hozi3549d ago

LMAO! That seriously made a tear drop from my eye...Is it obvious? the game is still at an early stage and the people will look very similar. The final game will look 3 times better.

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LarVanian3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

I'd say that this will be fixed in due time. Rockstar probably weren't concerned about making every pedestrian look different when they were putting the trailer together.
At least we know, from the pictures, that Ryan Gosling and P Diddy will be in GTAV lol.

PS: And yeah that article was damn near impossible to read.

DeadManMcCarthy3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Did people not notice this from GTA IV? It's there too. It's more obvious in the PC version when you have the trainer because you can basically change from Niko to any character model. There is like 4 different versions of each character model in the game and the reason is it saves time to retexture pedestrians rather than create them from the ground up each time.

Do you realise how long it would take and how much memory power it would require to make every single pedestrian unique?. Maybe you will see this next gen but this has been in use since forever just like the repeating cars that you regularly see in GTA games.

Of course this happens in other games too not just GTA. It's really not a big deal at all.

LettingGo3549d ago

Skyrim doesn't recycle models. Why should GTA?

FragMnTagM3549d ago

There is also nowhere near as much stuff going on in Skyrim as in GTA IV. Sure they both have huge open worlds, but that is about where it ends. There are so many more moving objects at any give time, that memory constraints would play a huge part in recycling models in GTA.

Not too hard to understand there.

I love Skyrim, but your comment is pretty silly.

LettingGo3549d ago

Yes, there is. There really is. Dynamic weather, light, character animations, etc.

Look at the difference in the engines though. Bethesda creates better engines.

Baka-akaB3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

some of skyrim's models arent truly that far from recycling , especially for a few dunmer npcs

"Dynamic weather, light, character animations, etc. "

Really ? Oblivion had some rather mediocre animations and sjyrim is just ok so far . While there is a reason the euphoria animation engine , and its dynamic synthesis animation features from gta IV made such a splash .

It's a comparison between apple and oranges anyway ...

Biggest3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

"Dynamic weather, light, character animations, etc."

Really? By dynamic do you mean that if you walk to the place that is always snowy it'll be snowy? By character animations do you mean that the same motions that every character makes all the damn time? I am 100% sure that GTAV has those same dynamic features. Unless there is no longer a day/night cycle in GTA.

DrJones3549d ago

Because GTA have an infine number of people in it. All off which are generated when entering your field of view. In Skyrim there is a limited number of people with predetermined places, homes, appearance and routines. Shouldn't be so hard to understand.

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hesido3549d ago

It's no excuse. People's faces could be generated procedurally using sets of base meshes.

helghast1023549d ago

How did THIS get approved?

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