Battlefield 3 Dev Talks Changes to Suppressors, Pistols and More

MP1st - "Alan Kertz, Core Gameplay Designer at DICE, gives us even more details of the upcoming weapon attachment rebalance."

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Ravens202935d ago

This game is so boring. Battlefield 2.5.

Solid_Snake372935d ago

Its cool you took your time to comment this here.

Cosmit2935d ago

It's not boring.


Hah...tell that to the people trolling CoD articles non stop.

Parasyte2935d ago

I don't understand how tweaking attachments will nerf a gun like the FAMAS that has a high fire rate and high power.

scrambles2935d ago

Famas has high recoil but the suppressor lowers that recoil so it can be used at long range and the grip lowers the recoil further so instead of being all close range it turns it into a close range god and quite decent at medium range.

eak32935d ago

I've taken to using most of my weapons, FAMAS especially, to single shot instead of full auto. I don't deal with the recoil issue as much and my accuracy is much much better. This also lets my make use of the tactical light and other toys instead of needing to use a heavy barrel.

scrambles2935d ago

BUFF SHOTTIES. Theyre useless outside of metro and select other small maps but on maps like Oman, running shotgun is suicide. Bring back BC2 shotties and stop balancing for Metro x.x it throws off the whole balancing cuz shotties in metro work fine outside of it theyre pitiful.

SITH2935d ago

I run my USAS-12 on every single map with no issues. I am not disagreeing with you. But it is a functional weapon for me on all maps, and yes with frag rounds.

Mister_V2935d ago

I really miss BC2 shotties. Slugs were perhaps OP, but damn it was fun.

Parasyte2935d ago

Sniping with slugs was a bit OP, but funny as hell!

sovietsoldier2935d ago

they are getting out of hand with all the balance the guns crap when we still have balance issues with air vehicles and aa.

SilentNegotiator2934d ago

I can't even survive long enough to adjust towards the battlefield when I drive a jet. Thanks to the "training mode" SP not having any actual jet handling, I didn't have the experience. And on top of that, you don't start with flares. So you have to waste your team's jet MANY times just to get used to flying it, and to hope you can survive once for a few seconds from multiple lock-on weapons and pro-jet fighters, just to get a few kills and unlock what is an absolute necessity to survival!

It's one of the many things that always make me scoff when someone says "multiplayer perfected". With major balance holes like that....nuh-uh. No way.

trenso12934d ago

its called a learning curve you are not going to be good at flying from jump. even if the sp had you fly a jet. a co-op mission lets you fly a heli and im still just average even from bc2. it takes time plus i love meeting new fliers in the air :) easy kills and funny suicides

SilentNegotiator2934d ago

Being put into a situation where you have little chance of not dying in ten seconds doesn't make for a good way to "learn"

Even if you granted it as such, it still means a MASSIVE pain in the butt for everyone else as you take up the Jet and waste it because you have no means to defend yourself.

SilentNegotiator2934d ago

I can't believe they buffed the bipod but nerfed suppressors and foregrip.

Did anyone EVER have a problem with the bipod? Because I'm able to practically snipe with a bipod and heavy machine gun.

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