WipEout 2048's Lead Designer on Vita - "The sheer power of Vita is ridiculous for a handheld."

"Everyone’s favourite unforgiving, pulsating and adrenaline fuelled futuristic racer returns next month in the shape of WipEout 2048, bulking up Playstation Vita’s already impressive launch line up and all the while reaffirming itself as one of brand Playstation’s most important and consistent flagship franchises. WipEout is back and somehow impossibly, it’s better than ever.

TGL sat down with Studio Liverpool’s lead designer on 2048 Karl Jones to talk about the WipEout philosophy, the possibilities inherent with the Vita hardware and why 2048 is the best WipEout yet."

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lzim3546d ago

hopefully it will ship with more content than ridge racer.

DARKrage343546d ago


That felt necessary^

Game sounds promising. The WipEout games are always a BLAST!!

MasterCornholio3546d ago

He said it looks better than Wipeout HD on the PS3. I hope it's true.


HaHa_Ostrich3546d ago

Wait, in that trailer it says PS Vita VS PS3. So, will it release on the PS3 as well?

Disccordia3546d ago

No vita players play against wipeout hd players apparently

heylo3546d ago

Wipeout and PSVs Oled screen is a match made in heaven

pythonxz3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

What I love about Wipeout is that it is a very consistent series. It is always polished and fun.