Gamespot: What's going to happen in 2012?


"If the rumors are to be believed, the guts of the new Xbox, presumably some kind of insane multicore CPU and crazy powerful graphics chipset, will be teased nice and early as part of Microsoft's final showing at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. Expect it to be properly revealed, with a name and everything, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in early June. If that timing is accurate, it seems likely that we'll see it in stores by the 2013 holiday season."

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CynicalVision3550d ago

That wouldn't even make sense.

Titanz3550d ago

A lot more competition in the handheld department, it seems. I hope someone's taking noticed.

ABizzel13550d ago

Or it could just be a windows 8 tablet.

You know Windows 8 can connect to live.

If Microsoft pulls a Wii U then there will be a strong backlash unless that tablet ports us into the game world.

blumatt3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

I think Titanz is trying to say that this would compete with the Vita. He's stealth trolling. It wouldn't compete with the Vita, but it would compete with the Wii U since it also has a tablet controller. It could also somewhat compete with the iPad to an extent depending on what it does.

zeal0us3550d ago

I can see windows8 tablets playing game/xbl integration but not a xbox base tablet.

MariaHelFutura3550d ago

The gaming industry is losing it's mind and going through some weird middle life crisis.

RememberThe3573550d ago

Yeah I'm beginning to think most of them have no idea what they're doing. Everything we've been seen seems to be shots in the dark.

gamingdroid3550d ago

Isn't that what the core gamer demographic has been asking for? Innovation, creative and change?

Well you got it! ... and along the way, there will be some failed attempts and even fewer successes.

Titanz3550d ago

Do you see my bubble count?

"Elaborating" gets you nowhere (unless... :x).

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Cyb3r3550d ago

I dont think I would be comfortable playing games on a tablet unless there was an option to use it with a HDTV

_Aarix_3550d ago

Yea if it had hdmi and buttons then there really wont be any room to complain.

Cocozero3550d ago

So the next xbox will have a tablet, base station, controller and kinect 2.

That sounds cheap.......

kaveti66163550d ago Show
sarshelyam3550d ago

@kaveti6616 No, but I can appreciate irony as much as the next person.

C_Menz3550d ago

I could see Microsoft going a route similar to this. I don't think they would go 100% tablet based for their next console, but they could do something along the lines off the Wii U.

They could have a normal console, and then also have a tablet similar to the console that allows users to play any game that they have on their "next box" on their tablet. Essentially it would be what Sony is partially doing with the PS3/Vita but 100% committed to the idea.

PirateThom3550d ago

I sure hope not. Sounds like gimmicks, to me.

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