'Amarhys' Is A Gorgeous Myst-Like Adventure Game, Play The Demo Now

The lone French developer of Amarhys – The Lost Civilisation has released the second playable demo and it is without a doubt a stunning game that will impress fans of Myst.

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3551d ago
hellvaguy3551d ago

A pc exclusive? Ya that won't sell. Bit torent sharing of game inc.

ChrisPriestman3551d ago

The developer doesn't plan on charging for it.

fasterthanu223551d ago

It's a free game...

"However, the good news is that the game is still going to be free when it is finally finished."

hellvaguy3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

So if its free, it still won't sell, cause its free. C wut I did thar? : p

Human Analog3551d ago

What?!? No Mac support? I guess I'm crap outa luck.