12 Final Fantasy characters who make us hate Final Fantasy

The most notable thing about Final Fantasy XIII-2 is that the characters are less irritatingly extreme. No sullen mopey emo types. And no hyperactive upbeat idiots sapping your fun by having it all themselves. Even the fan service cameos have been toned down and made excellent.

So... what's with the Moogle, Square? Let's briefly celebrate 25 years of annoying, awful or just downright crap characters in the Final Fantasy universe. Beware spoilers.

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Capt-FuzzyPants4042d ago

Hmmm. I think it's missing hope, Selphie, and Zell. I didn't really like a lot of the characters from 8 actually.

Pozzle4041d ago

I agree with Zell, but I thought Selphie was the best-written female character in the game. She was hyper, but in a realistic teen way. She didn't need constant saving like Rinoa, but she didn't competely disappear into the background of the story like poor Quistis did.

And as for Rinoa...Dammit girl! Stop getting into stupid situations where I need to stop mid-way through my missions to rescue you!!

MrWiggle4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

I kind of thought Rinoa getting into those situations contributed to Squalls character development. It's what actually made him care for her and others in the end because he stopped at nothing to actually go out and save her...again and again. Plus it showed her that he actually had feelings which probably made her keep trying with him to get him to open up

Anyway I can't believe some of these on the list, especialy Squall, it just seems everyone is riding the "Squall is an emo" train when really they've missed out on the great character development that spreads out during the game and changes Squall into an brave heroic leader at the end instead of the "emo", lonley jerk we see at the makes me think people havent even finished the game if there going to judge Squalls character from the start and not the person he turns into. I mean it actually explains to you throughout the game and during flashbacks why Squall is the way he is and yet people just seem to ignore it so they can hate on FF8 a little more because it wasn't like FF7

Snookies124040d ago

The shit!? Zell was the greatest thing about FF8! Jeez, people don't know quality characters when they see them.

Haha, also without Zell there never would have been Seifer's famous "Chickenwuss" line.

tplarkin74041d ago

I liked Vanille far more than Hope.

CryofSilence4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

I liked a lot of the characters on that list. I really disagree with most of this list, though some do belong there. Gau, Kefka, Aerith, and Squall, for example, were great characters. Vanille had potential to be a great character, but her voice actor completely botched it.

Ranma14041d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

Author lists:

(1)Gau: i disagree, his back story (being abandoned by his father and living with animals/monsters and learning their attack moves is awesome !!)

(2)Kefa: i disagree, awesome villane

(3)Cait Sith, Aerith: I disagree, decent characters

(4)Squall: good character, i think his cool

(5)Vann, and Vanille: agree. Vaan made me think FF12 was going to reveal he is homosexual at some point.

They forgot to mention: Snow, Hope and Serah from FF13-2 (looks like a teen)

killerhog4040d ago

You're really into this discussion lol, you should of used the edit button to impute to your original comment and your other bubbles to reply to others

Ranma14040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

On a side note. I think shadow from FF6 was an unde rated FF know that ninja guy

*spoiler* *spoiler* spoiler* *spoiler* *spoiler* spoiler*
Did you know that Shadow's daughter is is Relm (another playable character).

But he never tells her that throughout the game and she never ever finds out ! how bad ass is that !!!

Ranma14040d ago

Personally, i think FF13 has the worst unlike able characters out of all FF's..

Its no surprise, especially since its the most shitty FF (according to metacritic, discluding MMO FF's)

Anyone else agree, i mean i only liked Sazh, because his black and has an afro

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waltyftm4042d ago

Out of all the Final fantasy games i have played, there's only Wakka i really hated, never understood how a fine woman like Lulu got together with him.

Megaman_nerd4041d ago

me neither. They don't even make a good couple, they look bad together. ;(

tarbis4041d ago

Indeed, Lulu deserved better.

tiffac0084040d ago (Edited 4040d ago )

Wakka and Lulu is the Marko Jaric and Adriana Lima of video game characters.

You want to hate and respect the guy at the same time while you go like what the heck girl!? Forever. lol!

Kur04041d ago

Wakka was a cool guy who would do anything for his friends and even had character development to get over his racism of the Al-Bhed. He even became good friends with Rikku. He was an awesome character and one who had an interesting accent to boot.

killerhog4040d ago

Wakka is the best he's Bender Rodriquez !!!!

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D3mons0ul4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

"I'm giving up days of my life pretending to be this rude douche."

You're playing JRPGs wrong. You were never supposed to insert yourself into any of the roles. The characters and story are all pre-determined for a reason.

Hmm official Xbox're probably more familiar with WRPGs.

Oh and really? FF1 and 2? You're gonna complain that those games weren't narrative enough? Back games were. In fact, FF1 was probably the most narrative of them all AT THE TIME.

Just a couple gripes.

At least you didn't put Cloud or Sephiroth on the list just to be different and prove you're out for hits. Props for that.

Darkfocus4041d ago

haha no. plenty of CRPG's had good narrative consoles were just way behind(they pretty much always are).

ClimateKaren4040d ago

Name some. Name one. Seriously, can you? I'm betting you can't. They were all D&D with a keyboard until FF and Dragon Warrior came along. Those games established RPGs firmly as a genre known for (comparatively) in-depth characters and stories.

And save the superior PC garbage for an article about something modern, where it might make some sense. PCs deserve and earn their respect when it's due, but this is not one of those occasions. Unless you seriously believe that King's Quest and Commander fucking Keen were the driving force behind the explosion of the video game industry in the late 80's and early 90's, as opposed to Zelda, Mario, and Metroid.

Pozzle4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

"Hats off to FF8 - they made the protagonist so stubbornly unlikeable that you were rooting for evil to win. Hot tip to Square: having a lead character who responds to everything with an ellipsis isn't building a character."

That's what made me like Squall, tbh. Here's something to do next time anyone plays FFVIII: Completely ignore Squall's inner dialogue. It makes his random outbursts and off-tangent conversations so much more hilarious because they seem to come out of nowhere. It also makes his friends shocked and surprised reactions so much funnier.

I don't really understand the reasoning for hating Aerith though...the author hates her because she died? Huh?

Kalowest4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Lmao, I think Squall Leonhart is badass in Kingdom Hearts.

RedDead4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

I like KH for what it is, but it shits on FF characters. Turns them into this disney crap.

People hate squall because he was a whiney douche for half of the game, later on you can see why he is the way he is. But still, I couldn't forget what he was like earlier in the game. Good characters anyhow, great development.

Snookies124040d ago

@RedDeadDestroyer - How does Kingdom Hearts make FF characters Disney crap? They seem to overall be themselves, aside from Cid who needs at least one or two cuss words in his lines based on his character.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi4041d ago

Who can hate Squall? Vanille is absoLUTEly the worst.

Hicken4041d ago

People hate Squall because they think they know what emo is, and they think he is one, so they think they hate him. Squall is still one of the deepest characters in the franchise, and easily one of my favorites.

I like Vanille. But then, I've always had a thing for the energetic girl in the group- started with Selphie and reached a pinnacle with Rikku. And I like that Vanille isn't just happy-go-lucky, but seems to be trying to hide all her insecurities- of which there are some very important ones- behind a smile and positive attitude.

Looking at some of the characters on the list, and the reasoning behind them, I get the feeling it's more about generating hits than about giving their honest opinion about characters they did or didn't like.

Which is a shame, because it could have potentially been a good article.

PickAShoe4040d ago

My right hand disagree.