Dragon's Dogma 1 Hour Footage

Check out the footage of Dragon's Dogma now!

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banjadude3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

DO WANT... but I think there was some controversy around this game, last summer. I think it was about how any co-op player that joined your game, wasn't able to use their own character (or something like that)...not sure if that has been brought up recently, and if Capcom plans on making any revisions to that idea.

Raider693549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Theres no co-op on this game lol!The pawns are controlled by the AI and not by another player!You assign action to the AI companions (pawns) using the d-pad!The game its not multiplayer nor co-op!

banjadude3549d ago

Oh there we go, after a quick search via Google, the pawns you mentioned are raised by OTHER players... and you simply assign the ones you want from the community lobby or whatever.

kevnb3549d ago

I would need to play this form any opinion

Tanir3549d ago

ummmm why the hell is the release date december 31st 2012 lol