David Vonderhaar Replies To Criticism Of Map Colour

Previously many Call Of Duty games have been criticised for the lack of map colour in the game especially in games like Call Of Duty: Black Ops where many of the maps where either snowy white or brown, however hopefully we should see a change.

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xtremexx3551d ago

i hope to get some more colourful maps :D even though it is a war game.

brettyd3551d ago

i think map color is the least of CODs problems.

GraveLord3551d ago

I think trolling is the least of your problems.

brettyd3551d ago

not trolling at all, who can deny that the series is getting stale? i've enjoyed every COD up until MW3 which is clearly the worst one to date. The maps are putrid. I think Treyarch has surpassed Infinity Ward as the best COD dev.

BattleAxe3551d ago

I enjoyed every CoD game up until Black Ops. It wasn't a bad game, but the single player campaign wasn't as good as CoD4, MW2 and WaW, and the half of the maps that the game released with weren't that good.

They also completely screwed up Zombie Mode with maps that you really couldn't set up anywhere to hold off the zombies. I hated those crawling zombies too, they were not necessary.

Its was also a downgrade in graphics for the series, especially on the PS3 which is the platform I bought the game on. MW3 has got to be one of the worst multiplayer games I've ever played, with really poorly conceived maps, way way way too many perks and abilities, and the graphics aren't much better then Black Ops. One thing that I've really noticed is that the lighting hasn't looked anywhere near as photo realistic as Cod 4, WaW and MW2.

STK0263551d ago

Although CoD has issues, map colour was never one for me. I mean, out of all the major FPS/TPS franchises this generation, there are much worse offenders than CoD when it comes to map colour.

Shackdaddy8363551d ago

Eh. I dont know if its color. The sniper mission in WaW was probably one of the coolest missions ive played even though it was basically grays and red everywhere.

I think the style is more important...

MaverickStar73551d ago

I thought it had plenty of color, more most games. The thing about environment color is that most things are what they are. Snow is white, grass is green, wood most likely a shade of brown, steel and metal objects are going to be in brown to gray range. This majority of the map color is going to be based on the setting of the map. I'm fine with games taking some liberties with the maps so they don't have to be completely connected to games story. A rundown carnival in MW3, a golf course in BO, or Area 51 work for me but I don't need a shootout in a Chuck E. Cheese for the sake of having some color. Just don't give me colorful outfits like whatever the lumberjack looking thing was in Black Ops.