My game of the year for 2011 is...

Luke says:

"Good day fellow gamers, geeks and generally cool people. This year has seen us gamers spoiled rotten with the quality of video games. This year has seen some of the most impressive visuals, stories, voice acting and gameplay in video games. Now without further delay, I give you my top 5."

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MysticStrummer3550d ago

Dark Souls was my GotY, followed by Skyrim, then Portal 2.

H2OAcidic3550d ago

I agree with Dark Souls being GotY worthy. I still come to that game even though I rage quit after a while.

Detoxx3550d ago

How can you put portal above Batman or Battlefield 3?

SFX_LUKE29033548d ago

what detox said. while portal was an amazing game, batman was an amazing game. story, characters, graphics, music and gameplay. Also compared to some of the titles of last year, Battlefield 3 was a disappointment