The Mega Hits: The 34 10m+ Hits on Current Platforms Through 2011

In the PS2 era, five games topped 10m units for PS2, and two games topped 10m for GBA. Over the entirety of the 1990s, about the same number of games topped 10m. The figures don't change if you look for multi-platform hits either. Capcom's original Street Fighter II sold about 8m in the 1990s as a multi-platform game, Need for Speed and Madden routinely reached 6-9m units in the PS2 era (Madden still sells about the same amount as in the PS2 era most of the time), but nothing else was particularly close to reliably reaching 10m units or more.

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Titanz3550d ago

Nintendo practically kept their system afloat, themselves.

AmaZinG3550d ago

i guess new people wich is borning are way more chances to be a gamer than older people... i mean in 50 years all of us will be 70+s or more and we grew up playing games... i guess more and more people will be playing games next and next and next gen because these days kids grow with alot of technology in front of them... i mean my Grandmother doesnt even know what Online gaming is...

Ducky3550d ago

Didn't know the Lego franchise was that popular.

Still, Nintendo is dominating the list.

GraveLord3550d ago

Those top 4 Wii games are all bundled. It doesn't count.
Pretty sure New Super Mario Bros was also bunlded with DS....

So Black Ops is the real #1 on that list.

gigarath3550d ago

Which goes to show how many Wiis are being sold. Nintendo rocks!