SFX-360's Vibras Five.One Review

Stoney says:

"If sound quality was the only consideration when doing a headset review, then this would be the shortest review ever. The Vibras Five.One from Track Scan is the best sounding gaming headset I have ever experienced. As we all know however, there is much more that factors into a great headset and so more words must be written.

Track Scan may not be a familiar name to anyone outside of auto racing where they started out in 1993 renting out headsets and scanners that allow racing fans to listen in on race crews and drivers. The Vibra Five.One for the Xbox and its PC cousin are Track Scan’s first pair of headsets aimed at gamers.

For a newcomer to the industry, Track Scan must be doing something right as it is the only 3rd party manufacturer to have their headset certified by Microsoft for use on the Xbox 360. I guess coming from the NASCAR side of things, Track Scan has learned the importance of brand backing. This seems proven by seeing Track Scan hitting gaming...

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