Dragon's Dogma: A JRPG, but not as we know it [CVG]

CVG: Capcom's latest takes a few cues from the West.

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Bigpappy3552d ago

Looks good. I am glad that Capcom has decide to try this open word approach. There is a lot they can do to defferenciate themselves from the west, but it is ovious that RPG fans in the west prefer the more immersive and complex open word and realtime combat, which Capcom should be really good at. Can't wait to see what they come up with.

ThichQuangDuck3551d ago

Do not know where all the disagrees are coming from, but I am also interested in this game I like it's style of not trying to be like any other rpg and just aiming to be fun and rewarding to a new audience.

ShoryukenII3551d ago

I'm interested in this but after what happened with Marvel vs Capcom 3, I'm going to wait for an "ultimate" version, hopefully with some multiplayer and if that doesn't happen, I'll wait for a price drop because I am still mad. >:(

ThichQuangDuck3549d ago

Capcom is different when it comes to fighting games. I highly doubt there will be a ultimate edition of this or Asura's Wrath the game will just be the game

ShoryukenII3546d ago

They did something similar to UMvsC3 to Dead Rising so I'm going to be careful around them.

yokokoroma3551d ago

This is not a JRPG! It's a WESTERN style RPG from Capcom!! Which looks like Dragon Age, this is in NO way ambitious on Capcom's part! Dragon's Dogma is an attempt by Capcom to please the western market, which is something Capcom shouldn't be concerned with!! This continued approach by them, will eventually be the company's downfall!!

darx3551d ago

You should try playing the game befor crying

256bit3551d ago

so monster hunter is also a western style rpg from capcom :s

h311rais3r3551d ago

Jrpg means Japanese rpg. So just cuz it doesn't have flamboyant pink haired men it's not a jrpg?

Stealth2k3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )


capcom SAID THIS WAS NOT AN RPG. They said it. How can they make this more clear for moron sites like this one?



You admit this is an rpg, then all zeldas are, okami is, ect

Son_Lee3551d ago

RPG or not, this game looks fantastic! I hope this game turns out good. It has the potential to become a HUGE time sucker for me!

256bit3551d ago

if only monster hunter can look like that.

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