Naruto Generations: Kankuro, Chiyo, Gaara, Temari Artwork

Namco Bandai Games releases new art with Chiyo, Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro.

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tayz3550d ago

we need more temari screen time!!

Snookies123550d ago

Yeah, I've always liked her, she's a good character. Alas however, I don't think she'll get much more time in the series.

trenso13550d ago

And tenten she and Shino have the least screen time of all the leaf squad members.

ShoryukenII3549d ago

In the Shippuden anime, none of the Leaf rookies have had any screen time. We've seen Sakura fight and she was very strong but now, compared to Naruto and Sasuke's ridiculous powers, she is weak once again. We've seen Kakashi, Sai and Yamato but the only person that fought hard enough to use a new ability was Kakashi.

I remember in the original Naruto, everybody fought. But now it is only about Naruto. They could at least make some decent fillers so we can watch them (Leaf and Sand Ninjas) fight with their new powers but they don't do that for some reason.

That latest Bleach filler had some captains with low screen time like Komamura fight. It is sad that the Naruto series wastes fillers like this and makes crap. I don't know if the manga shows someone other than Naruto fighting though.

FlareDReborn3550d ago

Temaris awakening in storm 2 is kinda unbeatable. Just keep tapping square and heat-seeking tornadoes O_e