Weekly CryEngine 3 Gallery [January 1st - 7th]; how Alan Wake would look like in CryEngine 3 part2

DSOGaming writes: "A few days ago, modder themodman101 released his Alpine Assets Pack for CryEngine 3 and today, we bring you another look at how Alan Wake would look like in CryEngine 3. Naturally, some modders have also released a couple of forest images that can be viewed alongside themodman101′s shots. In addition, modders neo83_gr, iSqueezee, Tiesto, blackhorizon, hostilis, chicken, and ReVan1199 released some interesting shots from their on-going projects."

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ninjahunter3551d ago

Needs different tree models... Im pleased with the snow pic though

DFresh3551d ago

I really want to see what Uncharted 1-3 would look like on Cry Engine at max settings.

ThirstyforFanta3551d ago

Pretty ugly to be honest.. I prefer the engine that was used in the actual game

Orpheus3551d ago

I wish we had something like weekly 4A engine. Im getting bored of this weekly cryengine given Crysis 2 did not cater to PCs the way Crysis did.

PiccoloGR3551d ago

Sadly, there aren't any mod tools, level editor, mods or custom maps for Metro 2033

Orpheus3551d ago

I know that thats y i said i wish but hopefully they will release tools after metro last light is released :-)