blipREVIEW: Saints Row: The Third (PS3)

Gamesblip writes: You know we’re never gonna survive, unless we get a little crazy – wise words indeed from a Seal who knows how to haernk...

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Bathyj3547d ago


Really? Are we playing the same game?

Apparently he doesnt like this game for all the same reasons that I do like. Its not GTA. Saints Row is actually fun.

I like thats it crazy and off the wall. Its what this genre needs. GTA was killed by its own seriousness.

And beside, this isnt even a review, its just one long b*tch.

MysticStrummer3547d ago

6.5 is a little low but not much. 7 would be my score. The game is average in most ways, except for co-op and customization.

Pikajew3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

SR3 is my top game of 2011. It is different from GTA with a lot better weapons and it has Burt F*cken Reynolds.

I like the art style of the game. It's cartoony but not to cartoony.

MysticStrummer3547d ago

Top game of 2011? Wow I'd have to list quite a few titles before I'd get to SR3. The graphics should be better than they are with that art style. The city is pretty lifeless too.

Detoxx3547d ago

It might not be the best game, but a 6.5 is seriously to low.. A 7 AT LEAST, I loved this game.. Haven't laughed about a video game for a long time

ilovemyps33547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

6.5? really ?
1 week ago i've chosen arkham city over saints raw 3, at a local shop.

i don't think i will pick skyrim, i don't have all those hours to invest on it(well, give me uncharted 4 with 600 hours of gameplay, i will pick it day one, 10 hours a day), i prefer playing playing and finishing 3,4,5 games in one month, instead of spending all my gaming time on one single game, like skyrim.

all this to say saints raw 3 needs a lot of hours to be fully enjoyable, right ? with all the stuff to do in the game, it must be cool to play. i watched a lot of gameplay videos, and it looks much more fun than gta4, which i didn't finish.

even if i didn't play it, this game deserves much better than a 6.5.

i think i'll pick resistance 3 and saints row 3, when i finish arkham city(i'm lost, and can't find the way out, just after killer croc appears, in the underground, i can't find the way to return to the city. i watched video walkthroughts, and even with that, i turn around and around. if someone can tell me where i need to go, to exit, it would be really kind. i lost 2 hours tonight, and i stopped playing it, 2 hours just to find a stupid exit, just made me angry. it made me so sad, after spending those hours searching the exit, that i don't want to play today, and spend another 2 hours on that stupid exit.

help me please :)

kza3547d ago

Dont you mean Arkham Asylum? i got lost there to lol.

YodaCracker3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

You've never played the game, but you know it deserves more than a 6.5? Okay then... "All the stuff to do" boils down to nothing more than a bunch of shallow and repetitive mini-games which seem to primarily be there as filler. I've completed the game 100% with every achievement unlocked, and I would give it no higher than a 7/10.

kza3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

It might be fun i agree but i cant even finish this game because it gets boring fast. Been there got the t shirt nothing really new gamplay wise.

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