Metal Gear meets Dark Knight

Remember when The Dark Knight Trailer 2 came out? Everyone loved it! It gave the audience something to look forward to and got all of us really hyped.
Then came the trailer parody for The Lion King Rises. It was damn well funny!

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TopDudeMan3549d ago

This should've been the real trailer for it.

xVeZx3549d ago


droc11233549d ago

i had forgotten how awesome the graphics and this game was...its been almost 4 years since its release and the character models r still better then 99% of the games made today!!! well done kojima.

Eamon3549d ago

yeah it really is amazing.

Mrmagnumman3573549d ago

Wow, they did an amazing job on this, it fits the music and feel of the DKR trailer perfectly!

Ducky3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Might've fit Metal Gear Rising better due to the name similarity.

Pretty good work on the trailer though.

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