New IP’s and reboots 101.

Hani Farah of GIGAlb, "New IP’s (Intellectual Property) have always been the games people are most interested in learning about. They involve completely new stories, new characters and new worlds to discover and explore. They sometimes offer never before seen gameplay mechanics or graphics engines that blow your mind. Most importantly though, these new IP’s are usually exclusive to a certain console and can make or break that console’s sales and user base."

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ChiVoLok03550d ago

Crash and spyro would be cool.

SilentNegotiator3550d ago

Not from their owner, Activision. I wish Sony had bared down at the end of the 5th gen and bought some IPs instead of watching them slip into others hands. Now Activision is using expensive toys for character activation in a "spyro" game.

ElliePage3550d ago

If Crash Bandicoot isn't by Naughty Dog then I don't want it. Same goes for Uncharted on Vita.

SamuraiToast3550d ago

I agree that Naughty Dog would be best but I think they're too busy with The Last of Us for now.

ElliePage3549d ago

Naughty Dog's team is bigger now so they can work on 2 projects.

DeforMAKulizer3549d ago

But the issue is that Naughty Dog no longer own the Crash Bandicoot IP. It is with Activision...