Amy’s PSN Price Hike Not Due to Currency Exchange Rate, Delay Eminent

One of more interesting games coming to the PSN & Xbox Live Arcade, just became a release PlayStation fans may be concerned about. After being questioned by the gaming community about the price difference on the PSN versus XBLA, the games developers responded with a detailed, although convoluted, statement explaining why the game is priced higher on PSN.

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AlbatrossRevue3980d ago

I expected this after people did the math and worked out how much more PSN was.

Oh and the word is Imminent meaning "very soon" not Eminent meaning "of high station".

MariaHelFutura3980d ago

High station. LOL.

OT: I wanted this game but I won't buy it on XB or PS. This whole situation is super sketchy.

Parapraxis3980d ago

agreed, my desire for this title has PLUMMETED.

Mario0073980d ago

Problem here is that when the price is dropped to 10 USD then PSN EU people are actually paying more for the game. And the cycle goes on...

If the price cut does occur Amy will still be available in the EU region and only be postponed in the US. So the article stating the PSN people will get this later than Xbox Live people is a tad bit misleading

StanSmith3980d ago (Edited 3980d ago )

Where were these PSN users when other games cost more on PSN?

Crysis 1 is cheaper on XBL
The EA/Activision/ubisoft etc full retail games for download are cheaper on XBL
And my personal favourite is that the Goldeneye DLC is free on US PSN & worldwide on XBL but is £1.59 on the UK PSN.

So why the sudden outcry with Amy?

I'm glad i got an Xbox earlier this year as i can now compare the prices between the platforms. All of the publishers are screwing over us PSN Users. It's been happening for a while.

It's about time Sony did something about it as i'm now purchasing download titles only on xbox because Sony won't demand price parity from the publishers. They're losing money from gamers such as myself who prefer the PS3 to the 360.

SWORDF1SH3980d ago

It used to be higher because of the 5 account game sharing on psn. They cant use that reason now.

ziggurcat3980d ago

crysis 1 is $19.99 on both XBLA (it is not sold as being X amount of MS points) and the PSN store... at least in north america.

StanSmith3980d ago

It is £15.99 in the UK on PSN and £14.99 on XBL in UK. That was what i was referring to when i said Crysis is more expensive on PSN.

Almir9083980d ago

What are they stupid? Just decrease the amount of Euro's being made on European PSN to even out 10 dollars which is what 7.85 Euro? Why didn't they just do this from the beginning?

stigmurder3980d ago

I vote for the lower price point. To me it's not about $3, it's about the simple fact that there's no real good reason, unless you count the PR bullshit explanation, that this should cost more on PSN than XBLA. If they were extra content, or it was a more beefed up version then okay. Otherwise it's just bullshit

ziggurcat3980d ago

if the PS3 version had extra content/beefed up version then MS wouldn't even allow it to be published for the X360.

and this really isn't the first time we've seen price differences between platforms... or even differences between SCEA and SCEE. however, it should be stressed that sony has nothing to do with the price of the content in their store.