Why Uncharted 3 does a bad job telling a good story

Bitmob - Nathan Drake is flung from the burning wreckage of a rapidly crashing airplane, launched into a freefall toward certain death in the middle of the baking desert.

Burning wreckage falling around him, our dashing protagonist is able to make out his only chance for survival: He's careening toward a cargo crate the plane had been carrying. Thinking quickly, he remembers from a prior altercation that the crates have parachutes attached. He clings to the box, desperately clawing at a handle to release the chute and fall softly to earth.

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E2S3550d ago

Site needs to change its name to 'bitchmob'

aviator1893550d ago

Why? Because they can express their opinion? I don't agree with them, but there's no need to label websites for pieces you don't agree on.

LarVanian3550d ago

Maybe E2S was just stating his opinion :).

MsclMexican3550d ago

No because Bitmob has become notorious for complaining about sony exclusives, more particularly Naughty Dog games. (even though they gave it a 93)

This article is the one of many

"Why the Last of Us trailer shows tired narrative troughs"

Yeah.... he judged the whole game with one trailer

Hell, if you look at some of their stuff it is mostly negative stuff towards games... which of course attract fanboys like a moth to a flame here on N4G

I mean look at the top stories now

"Why is Amy more expensive on PS3 than 360?"
-what is Amy?

"Top 10 worst looking games on Xbox360"

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about this game... but as press... you move on, you do not keep bashing a game, you do maybe one second opinions article... but this is ridiculous

Also...gotta love how some members of the press are all like "ND recycles story nonsense".... you know the nitpicky stuff

But completely ignore Skyrims buggy messy broken PS3 port... and still showers the game with praise..

Thats why I gave up on these "opinion" articles and GOTY crap..

No one wants to be consistent... no one feels like actually stating actual problems with a game.Its ok to have an opinion... but when you miss out the major facts... its an issue

Im waiting till we get something.... oh you know


Since that is the only non biased thing here

Commander_TK3550d ago

Well, I haven't played the game, but hopefully I won't be disapointed when I do. There's one thing people need to remember: If you have a great story, but you fail in executing this story cinematically, you fail. To put it simpler: It's not the story, it's what you do with it, as the the best director Alfred Hitchcock once said.

BattleAxe3550d ago

Bitmob does a good job at writing bad articles.

Hicken3550d ago

I'll use my one bubble to tell you well said, MScMexican.

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Thatguy-3103550d ago

Oh I bet how many comments on here would differ if it were to say. "Uncharted 3 does a great job on narrating a good story". When exclusives like this get attacked ppl go on a rampage against the site.I for one agree with what this article says. I didn't like this installment what so ever(except for the multiplayer)

BrutallyBlunt3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

This is the second article recently to talk about this so I will copy and paste my earlier comment.

Negativity attracts headlines and N4G is proof of that. Just imagine the hits on this site if the headline wrote Kinect is a failure, Microsoft stops making them. I'm sure that is what the major portion of this community wants to read or the Playstation 3 has finally surpassed XBOX 360 total hardware sales.

It is the members who create this situation. This site is full of drama and the largest portion of members are Sony fans. It's the Sony fans on this site who are overly defensive about everything. While at the same time ready to attack.

The forums on N4G are an embarrassment to all Playstation 3 owners such as myself. Most of us don't act that way. Most of us don't care about this console war going on with the XBOX 360 like you guys do. Most of us actually enjoy our Playstation 3's without the need to tell everyone how much better the system is. Most of us can also enjoy other systems like the XBOX 360 and Wii without resorting to being immature about it or bashing the competition. In fact most of us Playstation 3 owners don't even post on game forums, especially this one.

One days you guys will grow up and realize gaming is universal and should be enjoyed by everyone. Not trying to separate themselves because you picked one of the systems over another.

Anybody who disagrees with me without actually stating why are the very people I am talking about.

Rhythmattic3550d ago


You You are right.

You weren't here in 2007...

360 (only) owners where as bad as roids on your arse.

Oh, how things have changed...

Rhythmattic3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )


"This is the second article recently to talk about this so I will copy and paste my earlier comment. "

"In fact most of us Playstation 3 owners don't even post on game forums, especially this one."


Internet is easy...

people take their time, hide behind a keyboard, type a response (copy/paste), believing thats their own personal identity ..

Bit like this one really.

(your posting history is "Troll)

kikizoo3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

[email protected] desperated fanboy trying to pretend they have a ps3, and uncharted 3...and are "disapointed" (not a single serious reviewer is disapointed, not a serious ps3 gamer, but xfanboy their dreams :))

poor story ? compared to the best movies (not hollywood blockbusters craps), perhaps, but we are gamers, and uncharted3 has better story, music, graphisms, etc than 99,9% of the entire production, so stop being harsh with best games and hardware, it's just stupid.

@omi25P f biased liar ([email protected] picture on your profile), 4 hours is just impossible (or with noob difficulty, and "i want to resolve the puzzle automaticly" option...

Sgt_Slaughter3550d ago

And the Nintendo people just sit on the sidelines and laugh.

cobblestone193550d ago

I disagree. And no matter what anyone says...


It's a superb game.

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omi25p3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

I thought Uncharted 3 was one of the biggest disapointments of last year.

I thought the story was just 3-4 different storys poorly mashed togethe so that Nothing was answered I.E why Talbot got shot and was fine 2 seconds later or what his cards ment.

I thought the gameplay was ridiculously linear to the point i turned it off after about 2 hours because i was bored of what basicly comes down to quick time events except the only button you have to push is Jump (X)

I thought the Multiplayer and the CO-OP were appauling due to the fact none of the new gameplay features in uncharted 3 were implemented and the graphics were Uncharted 1 quality.

But the thing that Really P*ssed me off was the fact i finished the entire game in 4 and a half hours.

I fully understand if you disagree with me. But dont bother calling me a fanboy, I also thought Gears of War 3 was awful aswell.

Rhythmattic3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Ive got to say, ( with disagrees incoming ), my fav was UC1...


So good.... Nazi's, Zombies, Wooden sprung spears .... Plane wrecks, sub Wrecks, God, it was may fav... Better than 2 / 3 ...

Pacing was Perfect.

EDIT: Must add "my Opinion"

Chitown712913550d ago

1 was the best one, followed by 3 , IMO. 2 was a little overrated. I didn't feel engaged as i did with 1 and 3. 2 was still a good game tho, not knocking it, just felt like it was overrated.

NukaCola3550d ago


When you said 4.5 hour completion, I knew you were completely full of BS. My time with no replays other than dying, on normal, was 3min shy of 9 hours. It was almost as long as UC2 and had such a great ending. A bit more linear but the pacing was good and the setpieces were better constructed. It was a great game.

Chitown712913550d ago

Good Sh*t Nuke. And another thing I don't understand is people criticizing Uncharted 3 for repeating the same thing that 2 did . *SPOILERS* *SPOILERS* SPOILERS* U2 did the same thing as 1 , with the creatures thing. I don't know. I feel people are being unfair towards Uncharted 3.

SoapShoes3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

@Chitown - Agree. I was glad when UC3 didn't do what the first two did. It was less predictable in that sense. I knew what was coming in UC2 before it even happened(again, in regards to the monsters).

The first guy we're all replying to is really naive if he thinks he can bash a game then say he doesn't like another game to cover up his bias. Not to mention all, and I mean ALL, of the criticisms for UC3 lately could be applied to UC2.

Chitown712913550d ago

@Estranged: Thank you dude.*SPOILERS* *SPOILERS* * SPOILERS* And the part with Sully toward the end of 3? Cant say anyone saw that sh*t coming lol

omi25p3550d ago Show
Thatguy-3103550d ago

I actually enjoyed the super natural aspect that one and two had. The fact that it didn't even happen on the third one was quite disappointing. The ending was a major FAIL!!! They could have easily made more chapters but NOOO everything just rushes through. And the way marlowe dies O.o can anyone say lame !!!!! IMO Among Thieves shits all over the campaing of Drakes Deception. Hence the reason its still the best rated uncharted game plus it has way more GOTY. It's the pinnacle of the franchise so far.

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panbit863550d ago

Why bitmob does a good job writing bs...

MrDead3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

N4G is now a collection of sites to avoid. A sad mass of opinion pieces that rely on controversial titles to get hits and attention leaving the article uninteresting and completely devoid of any sort of journalistic integrity.

Soon all we will have is flamebait titles along with empty articles.... and in a way I think that would be better then what we have now

BrutallyBlunt3550d ago

@ MrDead. It is flamebait material as long as the community continues to react instead of discuss. See how defensive some of the members get without actually talking about the article itself? The Uncharted games are amazing but the story does have holes in it. The writing isn't the greatest. It's like comparing Michael Bay movies to the Oscars.

People need to support constructive criticism more and not react. Those who simply react are fanboys and we don't need them. How many here are actually discussing the article in reasonable and mature manner?

The Last Of Us looks interesting. We all know how well Naughty Dog is at creating a exciting game but we don't know how good they are at creating good storylines and that is what the article is trying to address. Do any of us work for Naughty Dog here? Then stop acting like it.

Rhythmattic3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )


Yep, I'll admit it, I like my PS3 more than my 360...

As for you? make a friggin decision, because the way your playing it, as your past comments, you have painted yourself into a corner.

Sure , your school friends own a 360 also, so thats ok, but this stealth troll crap is crap

Opps, yes the UC3 story does have so many holes in it........ Shite, so do most games that actually have a story...

Get over it boy.....

MsclMexican3550d ago

Ok... Im gonna be honest...

When I play an Uncharted game.... I play because the characters make the game what it is. These characters are incredible.

Hell if you break it down, Uncharted 2's story was about them going after ancient blue steroid sap

But... we all love the games because the characters are so great, and the historical references really make you feel like you are on this adventure.

You can argue all you want saying you like the Story of U3 over U2, or U2 over U3

But no one can argue that we all love these characters... and that is why the Uncharted franchise is so revered

Micheal Bay movies have characters as deep as a puddle.... with Uncharted you have these characters with different motives, different feels etc

I love U3 because it gave insight with Drake and Sully... making it my favorite of the 3

When I see the Last of Us.. I don't see some "uncover the mystery" story plot line... I see a game that will make us care for characters and may even make some of us cry. Same with Bioshock Infinite.

You may argue that ND might need to improve stories.... but they are masters of character development

LarVanian3550d ago

Another one? Man give it a rest.

E2M3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

THis is somewhat the way I feel, I am a huge fan and still play the mp hardcore everyday before I get accused of hating. Uncharted 2 had a less deeper story hence the storytelling sufficed and and succeeded. Uncharted 3 has a lot more interesting villains but the game failed to convey it,

I think kathereine marlowe's background and persona isn't really explored, the london underground chapter ha a lot of interesting aspects. The secret society aspect behind marlowe could also have been looked into further.

Also there was just some really irrelevant inclusion in the game which were there just for showcase and really didn't help the plot. I would give the game a 9.4 at best. However I think the best in the franchise was uc2. A lot of the moments had more meaning than what it did in uncharted 3

LarVanian3550d ago

I take it you are referring to the boat level? Yes there have been countless people complaining about how irrelevant that level was and that it was pointless to the plot. But a lot of people seem to forget that Drake ended up in the shipyard because Marlowe paid Rameses to get him out of the way so she and her gang could pursue Ubar without Drake interfering. And he ended up on the ship because Rameses tricked him into thinking that Sully was on board.
But anyway it was a superb level and I'm glad Naughty Dog put it in.

Trebius3550d ago

I agree...i actually just finished beating UC3 about 2 weeks ago...I loved every minute of it. The shipyard level wasnt VITAL to the storyline for the reason stated above ... but its not to say it wasnt fun and interesting to look at. The water effects were amazing, and the environments were beautiful....i really enjoyed playing through them especially when the storm was amazing.

E2M3550d ago

Im not saying the ship level is great, I loved it as well as the other cool sequences. though the story could have been more elaborated.

DOn't get me wrong I enjoyed uncharted a lot but I felt it wasn't perfect like uncharted 2. The pacing wasn't as good as uncharted 2.

morganfell3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

I have to wholeheartedly disagree E2M. There is not a more meaningful story in the franchise than our getting to the secret of Drake and the background he invented for himself. And this stunning tale is in Uncharted 3. The game is about his coming to understand his past, present, and future.

Watching Nathan Drake part with who he is, bearing witness as he loosens his grasp on what he thought mattered, his realizing that one artifact does not define him, is the fulcrum of the series so far. That moment more than any other since he first discovered the ring has defined him.

The incidents in Uncharted 2, trying to stop evil, trying to rescue a friend are external actions. Though certain people mean the world to Drake and are his friends and he would and has risk his life for them, they only define him in the zen sense of "you are as you and your actions are one".

But coming face to face with what you hold as who you are, and in a moment letting that go because you realize the truth that no object, person, event, or history decides the man, decides you, well that is an entire other plane of storytelling. And Uncharted 3 peels back those layers of realization, from the wistfully hinted until the final headlong, rushing climax wonderfully.

Anyone here that knows the history of bitmob, dan hsu and his hate of all things PS3, his saying the PS3 failed when it was 3 months old, the tact he took at EGM, his laughing in the faces of Sony Execs understands full well how such articles as these come from that url. With new sites springing up every day there is little reason to give them even a passing click.

The best thing readers can do is click on at the top beneath the words Read Full Story and rate them accordingly.

Trebius3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

The way you expressed yourself in those few paragraphs and how you felt about UC3 is far beyond many of the people on N4g are even CAPABLE of. You my friend are a gem amongst the (mostly) childish rabble on this website, even if i dont agree with you sometimes, at least you carry yourself like an adult and thats all that matters. Either youre an english lit major or youre just intelligent ... either way kudos for your ability to appreciate good storytelling.

suicidalblues3550d ago

@ morganfell

I think the main reason you got disagrees is the repeated use of multi-syllable words and logic.

Shame on you for writing intelligently, your bubbles be damned.

Sevir3550d ago

People missed the subtleties in Naughtydog's way of story telling in the 3rd game! They missed the fine points they lacked the understanding that this game was about everything you listed! very few games in are even able to tell such a well woven story! and Its even more reason why i can not wait for "The last of Us" to release! they have shown that they know how to grip you and take you for emotional twist and turns get you wrapped up in the lives of its cast and get your adrenalin pumping like no other game can in recent time. The game play specifically the shooting needed some tuning but it was minor i could forgive it because of how fantastic the overall package was! My favorite 2 moments of the game is the Shipyard once the Storm started and the where drake drinks from the fountain! That moment especially takes you for the wildest ride and really shows why we love the cast sooo much!

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