Hold on to Your Butts, Samuel L. Jackson Now Plays Modern Warfare 3

Kotaku - Eight months after confusing teammates and adversaries in Black Ops, the guy running a Samuel L. Jackson soundboard took Jules Winnfield/Mace Windu/Eddie Murphy's uncle into some Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, with much better dialogue selections and more hilarious, and oblivious, reactions.

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gillri3544d ago

Does he recite 'Ezekiel 25:17' to a downed enemy?

kaveti66163543d ago

I thought he'd get tired of these motherf***ing glitches in this motherf***ing game.

(Yeah, it's not my best, leave me alone)

SilentNegotiator3543d ago

He asked the English kid if he spoke English. lol

tigertron3544d ago

Misleading title but you can't beat a good soundboard.

JellyJelly3544d ago

Funniest thing is that the COD players are too stupid to figure out it's a soundboard.

ScytheX33544d ago

theyre prob all just too young to know who jules winnfield is =p and even prob too young to even have ever heard of the flick Pulp Fiction or just straight stupid lol

milohighclub3543d ago

What I don't get is how they don't reckognize the voice? He's got one of the most reckognizable voices in entertainment!

JohnApocalypse3543d ago

How do you know what the in the match are hearing? Most people on XBl all sound the same to me

Bundi3544d ago

You are retarded. You get off on calling people stupid just because they enjoy a game that you don't.

Zha1tan3543d ago

No they are calling them retarded because they dont recognise one of the most distinctive voices in the world today.

GraveLord3543d ago

Watch the video. They did figure it out.

Akiba963543d ago

Yea they figured it out after about 4 matches with him..... LOL

Solans Scott3543d ago

Now that was entertaining.

kza3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )


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