Will Wii Be Disappointed again?

Nintendo finally dropped the bomb on most of the remaining details on their upcoming console launch – Wii. Nintendo fans everywhere cheered over the low price point of $249.99, Wii Sports packed in, an easy to use interface, low priced virtual console games, and the fact that The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess will finally see the light of day at launch on November 19. While all this sounds great on paper, I'm still extremely skeptical. Even though I can't wait to get my hands on my own Wii and take Link through his latest adventure, Nintendo has a poor track record that still makes me nervous.

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ChickeyCantor5856d ago

i didnt even read it all....its what the consumers want....not what some unknown person tells us what he or she is getting one....and thats for the games.

Marty83705856d ago (Edited 5856d ago )

That was getting PS3 & Wii,not anymore.Just a PS3.

Islandkiwi5856d ago

That's what made this op-piece interesting. He was able to show that Nintendo has a habit of coming out of the gates strong, but then game releases rapidly dwindle.

And it's true that the Wii is in a poor position for multi-platform games. Sony and MS have hi-def graphics and comparable processing...Wii doesn't. So I may pay more to develop for Sony/MS, but I have two platforms I can bring the game to. With Nintendo I'm making the game just for Nintendo.

I will still buy a Wii because I love the Nintendo games. But I'm not going to be in line on day one.

calderra5856d ago

Develop for 2 platforms with incredible (and similar) graphics, or one with super-high-end graphics and one that looks last gen?

BIG problems for developers there. You'll see a lto of Wii exclusives simply out of the control scheme- Madden 07 on 360 and PS3, then Madden WII will be a different title. Meh.

TheMART5856d ago

First off, a guy with a name like this:

-Billy Berghammer

Could he write any good article? ;) lol

Just joking. On one hand it's bull because Nintendo made gaming for a large part what it is. And with the original games like Mario and Zelda, they have more then a PS3 which laks real great characters. I mean, MGS is the main game, but the character is not that a hype.

XBOX/360 has Master Chief from Halo and on 360 now get's Kameo and games like Viva Piniata which brings in the colourfull characters there.

On the other hand, I can understand a bit of it all. The Wii is just a supercharged Wii with a funfactor through the controller. But to pay 250 Euro for it to play lastgen games... Mmhhh. For 25.000 yen/170 Euro I would like to import one, BUT I just found out that it will be region locked while it first wouldn't be.

So actually first I wanted one from day one, that shifted to: I'll wait, get me some demopodgaming in a shop and sees when the price drops to get one.

Still the Wii will be fine I guess by getting new audience

kmis875856d ago

First off, I really hope that isn't the guy's real name. I'd feel really bad for him.

Secondly, If you played mgs2 you'd know how disappointing it was to not get to play as Snake and to have to play as Raiden. Snake is a pretty awesome character. And I don't know if Kameo and Viva Pinata are real games to brag about. Kameo only got middle of the road reviews and I don't see anything special about Viva Pinata. They're not on the same level as Snake by any stretch of the imagination.

Lastly, while the wii might not get all of the same ports as the 360 or ps3, I think it will get the most exclusives out of all three because you can't replicate its controller on another platform. It would have been nice if they had upgraded the graphics some more and included at 720p support at least. Oh well, at least its cheaper so it can be the second console of people who wouldn't just buy it by itself can get it as their second console. And also, who can resist Link. Twilight Princess is gonna be amazing.

FlamingTide5856d ago

I've always thought Nintendo was always a good 2nd place console just because every half-a-year or so you get a great game like Zelda or a good Mario title.
I think Ninto would become a better company if they just became a third pary producer like Sega and only knept to handheld consoles

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