The Adventures of Tintin: The Game Co-op Review (Co-Optimus)

By setting the game in the surreal world of dreams Ubisoft are able to open the level design, but also fall into the trap of the game feeling like a series of moments, rather than a whole. This 2 player co-op game is drop in drop out local play only. You initially begin the game as Captain Haddock and Tintin. Inside the mind of 'The Haddock' are a series of doors that act as portals to new levels; Mario 64 style. Each level uses the core Tintin mechanics taken from the single player game, but with added co-op gameplay such as the ability to lift one another onto higher platforms.

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ilovemyps33543d ago

another title released for Christmas time.
another movie game that can't be done right!

fortunately batman games are great. excellent, i would say.

i would like to see some mickey, asterix, donald duck platform games, on the ps3. just like they did rayman origins, i think they could bring us some great games.

just imagine a donald duck at 1080p.. it would be awesome. do you guys remember quackshot, on genesis ? great moments, playing it :)

bring on some platform games, please.

there are so many great characters, that could make incredible games, but studios only want to make "pew pew" games, where the guy goes from A to B, and then, from B to C, select weapon, perks, go, kill, die. restart. 100 times. 10000 times. during weeks.during months. the same game, doing exactly the same stuff, day and night.

i really wish developers had the freedom to use some great ideas, not based on people wishes, but based on their creativity. but since it's all about money, they prefer doing another fps, and selling 1 million copies, instead of making a new game, and only selling 50 or 100'000 copies, because, well, people want to play fps online.

i remember 15-20 years ago, we had great platforming games, shot them ups,(thunder force), beat them all (streets of rage, for example) and many other 2d games.

playing a streets of rage like game, with a good online coop campaign, with great hd graphics, crazy weapons, etc, during 10 hours or more, it could be great.

today, on 10 games released, maybe 5 are fps. where is the creativity ?