New Left 4 Dead 2 Cold Stream DLC Information

New information has just been released on the Left 4 Dead Blog on the Cold Stream DLC.

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Brownghost3493d ago

For the idiots who disliked me, left 4 dad dlc is free for pc

spike3493d ago

Do people still play this game. Been thinking about buying it.

caboose323493d ago

On PC yes, but not sure about consoles.

ZippyZapper3493d ago

Its still a big hit on Live

LettingGo3493d ago

Yes. It still has a MASSIVE community. It's a Valve game and it's on PC. Trust me. There will still be a big community playing L4D ten years from now. ;) That's how it is.

JaredH3493d ago

It's great how everyone who commented on this article has disagrees for talking good of Valve and L4D yet no one actually is commenting on why they disagree. Stealth trolls are so awesome...

I played L4D2 on 360 a month or two ago and there's still a good community and I was surprised to still see new blog polls and game mode updates.

shadowknight2033493d ago

oh yeah a whole bunch still do. Nothing too dedicated its more like off and on.

Chnswdchldrn3493d ago

I played the beta of this map....I hope they do a major re-haul of it from what Ive seen

Megaton3493d ago

This still never officially released? I remember playing this in the summer. AND I REMEMBER SOME OF MY N4G BROS LEAVING ME BEHIND AT THE END.

SKUD3493d ago

For the record I was NOT one of those bro's. Also no homo.

-MD-3493d ago

I was definitely one of those bros.

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