20 Minutes Gamplay Of Final Fantasy XIII-2

20 Minutes Gamplay Of Final Fantasy XIII-2 by Gamespot

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HurtfulTimez2939d ago

this game looks great imo. if it didnt have the final fantasy name everyone would love this as a jrpg, but because it does and its not like the previous ff titles people liked, its being hated on... pathetic.

RedDead2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

That's pathetic^^^

You assume everyone hates it because it's not as good as previous FF's. FFXiii was simply a bad game(imo) that's all. FFXiii-2 I have been looking forward too because I thought FFXiii had alot of potential. I've heard good and bad things about it. Good from offical reviewers, bad from the rest. I'll see when it comes out anyway, not long now.

I always find myself pointing out the flaws, but instead, why don't YOU point out the good stuff about the game.

I do get your point but it doesn't matter. It wasn't what as expected of an FF, that's fine. I could still be a great game, like Resident evil 4 which was widely praised by reviewers and fans(with a very small minority disliking it because it's different). If a game is different yet still a brilliant game, any fan would get over it being different. FFXiii was not liked because many reasons. And it's not a minority that dislike FFxiii either.

Wait and see, FF versus is different and it's already getting praise. Crisis core was different and look at that. Type 0 too.

HurtfulTimez2939d ago

...erm just where did i say EVERYONE hates it?? fxiii was a bad game because the elements that made the previous ffs' great where not there - well thats what i have gathered from all the hate comments ive read... now ff13-2 is suffering and being hated on because ff13 wasnt what people expected. - get my point now?

HurtfulTimez2939d ago

"it's not a minority that dislike FFxiii either."

yh i understand but what im saying is alot of people who hated ff13 AUTOMATICALLY hate ff13-2 because of how shit ff13 was! they have yet to play it but already are saying 'pfft after ffx13 ive lost all hope in this, ff series or even square enix! thats what i meant by pathetic.

BldyShdw2939d ago

I completely agree with Painful Timez. I didn't hate FFXIII (I would have probably given it a 7.5 which is NOT bad) but from what I've seen XIII-2 looks awesome.

Whiny bitches gonna whine.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

"if it didnt have the final fantasy name everyone would love this as a jrpg,"

Never thought I'd live to see this phrase lol. But you're right. Well mostly right. It's not the FF name... it's the FF13 name.

HurtfulTimez2939d ago

"if it didnt have the final fantasy name everyone would love this as a jrpg,"

lol yh i can see that phrase being taken out of context as its not written how i was thinking it lol. that would mean the ff name is dead and hated where it isnt (ffx13 versus etc)

Mottsy2939d ago


LOL seriously..oh how times have changed!!
I agree with Painful tho 13 did have its flaws.. But the amount of hate it got for its flaws didn't add up. Band wagon of Hate but what can we expect from a flooding of western style games(which we all know what kind those are). I personally thought 13 was a fun game with decent story and i enjoyed the new battle system they set up. Is it my favorite FF game? Hell no! But did i enjoy it for what it was? for sure!

josephayal2939d ago

Same battle system?? No thanx

HarryMasonHerpderp2939d ago

Just looked like a load of CG and quick time events to me.

Blastoise2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

I agree

Xenoflare2938d ago

Unfortunately that's basically all Lightning's screen time, I watched most of the streams for XIII-2, the gameplay is very good, but you will still hate it if you hate XIII's battle system, however it's not exactly an old school traditional rpg either.... still no world map, more like choose your level and you are thrown into a realm that shares no connection with the others....