Nintendo’s Short Horror Movie For Spirit Camera: The Possessed Notebook (3DS)

Nintendo is promoting the game Spirit Camera: The Possessed Notebook with a short horror movie now playing on Japan’s Nintendo Channel. The game has a Fatal Frame like feel to it but uses the 3Ds’ camera to find ghosts.

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Pozzle3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

That reminds me...wasn't a Fatal Frame movie announced years ago? Shame it never got made. I would have watched the hell out of that.

Good idea for a short movie though. Kinda reminds me of the second Ju-On: The Grudge film. If only Nintendo had bothered to advertise Fatal Frame 4 in this way (or at all) then maybe it would have sold a little better.

SpoonyRedMage3551d ago

Fatal Frame 4 is the highest selling in Japan.

Just scroll down and ignore the Fatal Fury one.

Pozzle3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

True, but IIRC Tecmo originally let Nintendo publish it with the hopes of the company being able to put more money into marketing than they could and for it to sell faaaar better than previous titles. It's a niche game, but I think it could have sold more than 73,000 copies if Nintendo had advertised it at all (and let it be released overseas). It's a good series. It's just had some really lousy advertising in the past.

I knew a lot of Wii owners who had no idea the game even existed because there were practically no trailers or ads for it. (That was back when we thought it would be released outside Japan though. D: )

SpoonyRedMage3550d ago

I don't think we ever learnt how Nintendo came to publish it but they definitely did advertise it. It even had ads in European magazines before it was officially announced, which ended up backfiring when they cancelled the localisation.

Either way Nintendo is clearly invested in the franchise because they didn't only publish Fatal Frame 4; they're publishing this and the Fatal Frame 2 remake.