Velocity Gamer's Best of 2011: Graphics is taking a look back at the year that was and listing their nominees for the respective Game of the Year categories. Graphics are a powerful motivator for some developers as they enjoy squeezing every last ounce of juice out of the systems, but only one game can be called the best looker of the year. Hit the link to see what made the list.

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RedDead20673552d ago

Without any bias, it has to be Battlefield 3 on PC.

With a console bias, perhaps Uncharted 3.

KeiserSosay47883552d ago

I think it comes down to BF3 PC, The Witcher 2 PC(don't know why it seems to slip everyone's mind), and Crysis 2(post DX11 update)...I don't even think BF3 touches Crysis2, graphically, after that update.

theeg3552d ago

best looking games this year, all on pc;

bf3, the witcher 2, crysis 2, shogun 2, hard reset, skyrim, trine 2, batman ac, serious sam 3, assassins creed revelations, there are so many more.

there are not any console games that even come within a generation of these games.

uncharted 3 looks a full gen behind everyone of those games maxed out on pc.

but damn uncharted 3 looks nice for a consoles games, personally i thought part 2 was a better game and looked better, same with killzone 3, i beat it and enjoyed it, but i thought part 2 was way better.

_Aarix_3551d ago

No gears of war 3? Bull, gears looks alot better than rage.