The Vita Has Not Yet Begun To Live

The Vita is Doomed. The Vita is Dead. The Vita Will Fail. Much like many US gamers, I’ve been watching and reading up on Vita related news, especially since the Japanese release. I’ve seen a major uprising of “The Vita Is Doomed” news articles based solely off 3 weeks of sales in Japan. I can’t help but recall similar claims about the 3DS, the PSP, the PS3 and consoles in general. I say “The Vita has not yet begun to live.”

As with many other things in life, a thing’s success is often measured by personal observation as much as anything else. Some things are universally considered to be bad products such as Nokia’s NGauge and Sega’s Dreamcast. Others are considered failures by most of the community but are still accepted as decent products like the Gamecube. Then we come across products that can be hotly debated as to the success or failure such as the PSP. Unlike the Gamecube which sold 22 million over the course of 6 years, the PSP has sold roughly 72 million over the course of...

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GraveLord3551d ago

Its not a failure until stores stop selling it.

Parapraxis3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

I'll go out on a limb in saying, it's also not a failure BEFORE stores start selling it.

knifefight3551d ago

North American stores have sold 0 VITAS!


MasterCornholio3551d ago

And stores in Europe as well. The Vita is a complete failure in the west.

:) lol

PshycoNinja3551d ago

Common sense for the Win!!!!

tarbis3551d ago

A well written article.

Kurisu3551d ago

Agreed, probably the best Vita article I have seen for quite some time.

tiffac0083551d ago

The only blemish was the Dreamcast being compared in the same line as the Ngage. That was just a big no, no. lol!

smashcrashbash3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

I agree . Even if it doesn't so so well in the first few weeks there are still several factors that could increase its sales. It is not the only system that ever had a slow start and still went on to be big. If I read an article right the PS1 sold even less in its first week and the second week wasn't any better.Besides there are still several Japanese type games coming that will turn the tide Like Ragnarok Odyssey, Shinobo,SUMIONI,and Dynasty Warriors

Smashbro293551d ago

Who says the Dreamcast is no good? That was an awesome system.

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The story is too old to be commented.