Microsoft Refunds Money Lost in Xbox Live Phishing Scam, Promises Better Customer Service

Microsoft said it has intervened to restore the Xbox Live account of a customer hit by an overseas phishing scam, and refunded all unauthorized charges the scammers were able to make as her complaint got lost in customer support and was never properly locked down.

Further, a Microsoft spokesman tells Kotaku that the company is reviewing its procedures in light of this incident, another embarrassing manifestation of a phishing crime wave that has snagged ordinary users and even journalists.

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Chaostar3544d ago

And all it took was a massive in-depth blog detailing the many problems then the gaming media picking up on it.

You're just a customer number to these big companies until you threaten them with bad publicity.

At least they eventually got round to rectifying the issue, that's something, i guess.

RedDead3544d ago

I surprised they even gave back money for a phishing...publicity I guess. I wonder what exactly was used to do it. How did they get so many people including what should be informed(about phishing) journo's.

Anon19743544d ago

With a company as big as Microsoft, customer complaints are bound to fall through the cracks every now and again. Good on Microsoft for paying attention and addressing the issue. I know my own personal experiences with Xbox support have been maddening. I hope they make good on their promise to address customer service concerns.

MGRogue20173544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

... you know, Sony always offers excellent customer service.

Just putting that out there. :)

xPhearR3dx3544d ago

No they haven't. Neither Sony or Microsoft have great customer service.

3GenGames3542d ago

Exactly, that's something people need to realize, all business suck. And I'm all for making the customer happy and making sure they have everything but honestly I'd be conflicted giving money back for them falling for a scam. Keylogger: Yes, give it back. But if they follow a link and input their XBL email and password I'd probably say you screwed the pooch yourself for not looking at the domain in the link.

koehler833543d ago

I've never dealt with either. My stuff continues to work just fine and my personal information remains separate and secure.

As far as either MS or Sony are concerned, I live in another dimension.

RememberThe3573544d ago

It's too bad it took the media to get something done for this chick, but it's good that MS corrected the situation. Consumer service seems to be really hit and miss everywhere. Sometimes they take care of you immediately, and other times they seem to push you to the side and that can get maddening. The only consistent consumer service I've had recently has been with, believe it or not, Chace bank. They get sh*t done.

I now these people don't get paid much but even the people at Wall Mart smile at you. I don't expect the world, just some curtsey. It coast you nothing but can yield great rewards.

gamingdroid3544d ago

I hate Chase bank. I was a long time customer of Washington Mutual, before it was bought out.

After Chase bank took over, I eventually had to switch to Bank of America.

My personal experience is Chase has terrible customer service.

Go figure!

RememberThe3573544d ago

Hahaha I was grandfathered into Chase as well and they do suck. But whenever I've had a real problem (mostly fraud issues) they handled it immediately. I guess I was just lucky like the guy who thinks Sony has spotless customer service. lol

hellvaguy3544d ago

I cancelled Bank of America last summer because of inadequately handling a fraud issue without using even a small dose of common sense. They told me to resolve the issue with the merchant. Im like um no, they obviously wont do anything. Im with Capital One now because they havent screwed me yet and have great cash back rewards.

andrewsqual3544d ago

Eurogamer have said "Microsoft responds, issues refund. " in their headline but when you read the Update of the article it stated "While we do not ordinarily comment on specific cases, Microsoft can confirm that the account in question has been reinstated to its rightful owner and all unauthorised charges ARE being refunded in full." "Are" being refunded. So it is in the process of being refunded, which is the problem that the woman is having all this time. So in other words she hasn't been refunded anything yet.
In other news Netflix has just been released on the PS3 in Europe, well Ireland anyway because it just appeared on my XMB.

ziggurcat3544d ago

strange that i'm not seeing/hearing the same blood-curdling cries demanding retribution as i was hearing back in april. oh, wait, i forgot... it's not sony, so obviously no one's going to get upset and file a frivolous lawsuit due to an irrational knee-jerk reaction.

hellvaguy3544d ago

Its because your not comparing apples to apples. You cant sue MS for you giving out your password in a phishing scam, whereas the sony system was breached. Theres zero way a company can protect you from your stupidity in this fashion, nor should they be held resposible for that.

ziggurcat3543d ago

1. you're assuming that the password was given out willingly. you're also assuming that that information couldn't possibly have been obtained via the LIVE network.

2. lol sony's not responsible for having their network being broken into - they had security measures in place and to this day there have been zero reports of anyone's information being sold and/or used maliciously as a result of what happened in april. in fact there's not even a shred of evidence indicating that anyone's information was even stolen - CC info was encrypted, passwords were hashed (and not stored as plain text as people inaccurately suggested).

do you think banks are responsible for being robbed? do you think you're responsible if your home gets broken into by a thief?

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